Online casino and sportsbook collection service

  • Dispute resolution between Game Protect and operator of your online casino or sportsbook accounts
  • Lawyer action and court proceedings if the casino or sportsbook does not want to solve the problem
  • Private investigations to collect the necessary proof to start the lawyer action and court proceedings

Select your collection service option?

a) Donate 5% of your claim in advance (Lawyer and court costs are excluded)
b) Claims on a 65:35 no cure no pay basis, if the claim is at least 10,000 Euro
c) Bitcoin loss on a 50:50 no cure no pay basis, if the losses are at least 1 BTC

Bet or play with Game Protect collection service

Register your casino or sportsbook account with Game Protect and collection service is inclusive:


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Suggest online casinos or sportsbooks you want to bet or play with collection service inclusive?

Why bet or play with collection service inclusive?

Criminal online gaming operators have embezzled and scammed Euro billions from unaware account holder and Game Protect investigation reveals that there are more ticking time bombs on the market!

Demand your right, private investigation, lawyer and court proceedings are time consuming and costly.
Hence you better bet or play with free collection service for your online casino or sportsbook accounts.