Game Protect – Online Gaming Consumer Protection service

  • Dispute resolution between you and the operators for your Game Protect qualified gaming accounts
  • Lawyer and civil court proceeding, in case you have a valid claim and we can not reach a resolution
  • Private investigations if operators commit offenses like embezzlement, scam and money laundering

How can I qualify?

1) Simply register your betting or gambling account with any Qualify free operator.

2) If you ignored the option 1) and got scammed, then you still have the following enforcement options:

a) Collection proceeding on a 65:35 no cure no pay basis, if the claim is at least around 5,000 Euro or

b) Donate 5% of your claim (minimum 100 Euro) in advance or

c) Register with any Qualify free operator and accumulate affiliate commission worth 5% of your claim.

Bet or play with consumer protection service inclusive

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Register your gambling accounts with Game Protect by clicking on “Register” and then “Register Now”

Why should I play with consumer protection service inclusive?

Criminal online gaming operators have embezzled and scammed Euro billions from unaware account holder and Game Protect investigation reveals that there are more ticking time bombs on the market!

Demand your right, court proceedings and private investigation are time consuming and costly. Hence,
we saw the need to introduce a consumer protection service against criminal online gaming operators!