1xBet scam + Betandyou 70:30 litigation, join + claim your money!

1xbet scamGame Protect offers to collect your whole balance from the 1xBet scam and Betandyou! 1xBit victims can submit their claim, but for further action we need to wait until 1xBet gets sued to have the identity of the people behind the 1xBit scam.

We will take 30% and you will get 70% of any amount we are able to collect. If our litigation attempt will not lead to success, nothing has happened and your 1xBet scam and Betandyou claim is still valid.

If you have interest to participate in our 1xBet scam and Betandyou 70:30 litigation, please send the following info using Report Issue and as reference: 1xBet scam

a) 1xBet or Betandyou username or ID number

b) Total amount owed

c) Date of the last payment

d) Proof of the money owed and pending withdrawal request(s) in form of screenshots or email conversation or chatlogs

e) I, (your full name) give game-protect.com the order to collect my 1xbet.com / betandyou.com account balance and agree that game-protect.com will take 30% of any amount they are able to collect from responsible parties.

f) Did 1xBet / Betandyou inform you why they do not process your withdrawal request?

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  1. All the clients that have been scammed by 1xbet with large amounts (to justify the effort to travel) should be in London between 6-8th February 2018 as 1xbet will attend ICE 2018. You should go there to discuss face to face with their representatives.

    You just have to register online and they will issue a ebadge that will allow you to attend the event:



  2. a)My 1XBET account ID is: 31910083

    b)CNY 27,000




    f)The reason for 1xbet to close my account is to register multiple accounts.

    But I provide identification, certificate of deposit, all show not the same person.

    1. We have info from several victims that they close the account with any kind of accusation, but do not deliver any proof for their accusation. At the court, they would need to show the proof of their accusation, but 99,9% of the victims are not willing to contribute anything to enforce their claim!

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