1xBit scam

1xbit scamUpdate May 2022

1xBet and 1xBit operator 1XCorp N.V. was declared bankrupt on May 6, 2022 by the court of appeal in Curacao!

How does the 1xBit scam work?

After you won larger amounts, they will block your account claiming that you have opened multiple accounts. They will ask for sending KYC documents and thereafter continue giving you the runaround.

1xBet scam is operator of the 1xBit scam and here is proof how the security is lying:

1xbet security: “The player has violated the rule of multi-account. All bets were recalculated with odds of 1. The amount of deposited money was paid to the player in full. Multi-accounts were detected on the same IP and device.”

1xbet customer: What are the ID numbers of the accounts that used my IP address and device?

What deposit methods used the accounts that used my IP address and device?

When did you discover that my IP address and device uses several 1xbet accounts?

Please show me the proof of your claim? I can say you killed 5 people, but without proof my claim is not worth 5 cents!

1xbet security: 5xxx is an account number that is multi-account for the account 5xx5.

As mentioned earlier, we found out the intersections of IPs and device usage.

Method of identificating: while the first account authorization from a device our systems generate a unique code appropriate for the user device. The codes of two accounts completely match.

1xbet customer: Your explanation clearly confirms that you are lying about the second account!

Because if you have a system that detects multiple accounts based on IP addresses and devices, your system would have blocked the second account instead of allowing it or at least sent a message to your security department.

I opened only the account 5xxx, but if you knowingly allowed to open the second account 5xx5, then you can not later come and claim it is a breach of your terms, because your intentionally programmed system knowingly and intentionally agreed to open the second account and thus a valid contract relationship for the second account has come about.”

1xBit scam uses pirated software:

Source: https://latestcasinobonuses.com/news/pirated-novomatic-aristocrat-and-neent-slots-found-at-1xbit-com

They compared the software provider codes and the accusation is full of proofs and it seems true!

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  1. Rob

    I was playing on bookmaker side “1xbet”. I was using my account according with regulations on 1xbet side. I was playing approximate 2-3 weeks. All was good I mean: payments, payouts. After few days I have collected over 5000 Euro and the problems have started. I got answer they need verification my account – It was a normal verification procedure. They need ID document first. I sent it and next I got answer that I have to send something another (my selfie with my ID in my hand and on the background have to be my conversation on my computer with 1xbet). Of course I sent all they need. Of course first the quality was not good so I sent it few times until they accepted it. I got email: “your data is under verification”. Next I got email “What is Your relation with M……R…?”

    I sent email – I do not know this person. I was very surprised quality of questions!!! I got email: “Your account is available for placing bets” that is mean I can use and place bets. ALL the time they “pick holes”!!!!

    They find nothing!!!! So they sent me an email about close my account:

    Good Day. We are bringing to your notice that we made a decision to stop any collaboration with you (closing your gaming account) on the basis of General Terms and Conditions of the Bookmaker Company:
    Should the bettor commit fraud in respect to the bookmaker (such as the registration of multiple accounts, the use of automated betting software, arbitrage betting, if the betting account is not used for betting, the improper use of loyalty schemes, etc.), the bookmaker reserves the right to stop such fraudulent actions by:
    -bet cancellation;
    -closure of the customer’s account with the balance being refunded;
    -filing a claim to a law-enforcement agency.
    Effective as of 1 January 2011
    It was made decision after close investigation of the situation by our Security Service.
    We ask you not to create playing accounts in our company. Please, be aware that new accounts created by you will be closed, bets will be cancelled, deposited funds will not be returned, they will be used on the expenses related to investigation and blocking.
    Due to the fact that your actions are the most rough violation of rules of our company, the decision about stopping the collaboration with your is final and it can not be reviewed.
    All requests from you on the topic of blocking will be ignored.

    My opinion is: I was deluded. I did not use a multiple account, automated betting software, arbitrage betting!!! They did not find any reason to close my account so they sent standard regulations without validate in reality. Of course I play for fun!! In my opinion they know from the very first, if I collect much money it is not a problem for them to defraud me and close my account. It is crazy that nobody control 1xbet!!

    Finally I would like to resolve this matter and to update all my cancellation bets! I would like also to make public all my problems on example: Twitter and more. I hope to finish this matter arbitral.

    I attached photos, ID, selfie, scans conversations, history of my cancellation bets. If you need more please give me an answer I will offer my help.

    And the end I did not get any answer to this time. 1xbet is like a bitch

  2. ledi

    my account has been blocked with 6000 euro within. for two years that I speak with them, I have sent any documents that you requested. I talked to video skype. every document I sent to Moscow and finally Lviv Ukraine. I am very tired . Is there a legal way to help someone with me?

  3. Jan

    The site doesn’t let me log back in after winning several BTC’s worth (~3,4 BTC if my memory serves me correctly). I deposited around 1000€’s worth. Customer service has been very disappointing. Resetting password doesn’t work either, Account Number is required as the Usermame by default (logging in with e-mail is optional and must be activated on your first login, I am now learning from the chat.) I assume everyone agrees this makes exactly zero sense. The chat also advised against using the e-mail login option since it “Puts my information at risk.” Well, I have been advised to request my Account Number from their support e-mail address. You know what else is strange? I was still able to log in on mobile yesterday (has stopped working as of today) and didn’t see my winnings there anymore! I assume they are stuck in some kind of limbo now along with my whole fucking account. I sincerely hope to that I will be able to collect what I have won.

    Here’s an excerpt from my frustrating converstion with the chat agent:



    What documents do you need for verification? I understand verification is required to withdraw winnings. I did win and am experiencing problems logging in so I thought to do the verification through e-mail, is that possible?
    Please log in to your account.
    Yes but for that I have learned now I need my Account Number for that (which is strange because I was still able to get to my account on mobile yesterday.) I was hoping to speed up the process because this is starting to be a hassle, frankly.
    Please provide your gaming account number.
    I am still waiting to get it from [email protected]. I assumed e-mail could be used as the username by default, as one usually can.
    Our specialists are facing a big workload. They will deal with your issue, please be patient.
    So I’ve been told.

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