April 9, 2017
MegaDice scam, 500+ Bitcoins defrauded and disappeared! UPDATE June 10, 2017 The for $12 million purchased domain is in free fall on Alexa Global Rank: From rank 309,000 to 1,416,000 = -1,097,000 = 370% down within 2 months!!! ______________________________________________________________________________ SatoshiDice confirmed that the new MegaDice is the same entity: MegaDice scam moderators deleted...
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Haley Hintze’s incompetent legal evaluation about Game Protect FlushDraw’s Haley Hintze claims the following on their website: The site features some of the foremost experts in online gambling today and many of our investigative reports and stories have been featured by other popular media outlets and gaming forums. The team here has always had a...
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Betcoin scam extorts 500 Bitcoins Jackpot winner for “settlement” Betsoft scam gaming software ______________________________________________________________________________ UPDATE February 21, 2017 The scam is in free fall on Alexa Global Rank: 168,597 – 68,747 = 65% down within 3 months! RUN, RUN, RUN, the dogs will bite the last! 😀 ______________________________________________________________________________ scam Poker Terms of...
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