90dakika scam

Curacao license scam 1668/JAZ, 365/JAZ, 5536/JAZ and 8048/JAZ

UPDATE September 4, 2017

Curacao eGaming meanwhile suspended the usage rights contract for 90dakika.com, casinotv24.com , parasino.com and vivoapuesta.com!

Stefan: I have to recover 18,307 EUR from the 90dakika scam.

Parasino.com has the same owner as 90dakika scam, as they are controlled by Aydin Ayyildiz (date of birth October 25th, 1961) who has a Turkish and Bulgarian passport, and he acts as director and only shareholder of both Camelot Global Investment Limited N.V. and Maslin Properties Limited which has the registered address 45 Wardour Street, London, W1D 6PZ, United Kingdom. At that address/location in London there is a restaurant.

For Maslin Properties Ltd which is registered in London you may use the links below. I have been there and at that location there is a restaurant (45 WARDOUR STREET, LONDON W1D 6PZ).

Aydin Ayyildiz (director and sole shareholder of Camelot) has been involved in other gambling scams in Turkey and he was arrested in the past for that.

You can use google translate to translate in English the articles below, from a Turkish newspaper and a web forum. Now he is doing the same scams with 90dakika.com, parasino.com and they made few more clones.



Aydin Ayyildiz behind 90dakika scam!

It seems that they have transferred the 90dakika scam website from Maslin Properties to Camelot Global Investment Limited N.V. (CGIL N.V.), but both have the same sole shareholder, Aydin Ayyildiz (date of birth October 25th, 1961). They pretend that my claim is only against Maslin Properties but my account is on the website 90dakika.com not on a website called Maslin Properties Limited or CGIL N.V.

I think that in order to cover the scam, Aydin Ayyildiz, the managing director and sole shareholder of both companies (Maslin Properties Limited or CGIL N.V.) has transferred the website from Maslin Properties Limited to CGIL N.V., but according to the law, in any such transfers, the accounts, funds and the responsibilities attached to the accounts are transferred also.

So if CGIL N.V. took the website 90dakika.com from Maslin Properties Limited (a related party, having in mind the unique shareholder of both companies – Aydin Ayyildiz), they took also my funds from the account and all the existing accounts opened on the 90dakika scam website!

When I started to send complaints to the authorities they have restricted my access to my 90dakika scam account. But before they blocked my access I managed to save/make print screens with all the deposits and pending withdrawal requests. I have also saved in Excel the entire history of my gambling account (all my 1,185 bets).

I have requested and received the confirmation from Neteller for the 9 deposits I made to 90dakika, with a total value of 10,600 EUR (including the transaction references/ids, date/time and amount). These are shown also in the history of my Neteller account.


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  1. Thank you for the warning about 90dakika! I added them to the Online gambling scams! list.

    According to Curacao eGaming, 90dakika has no valid 1668/JAZ license!

    The logo in the footer needs to link to a validation page on the https://validator.curacao-egaming.com domain

  2. The lawyers requested an advance/down payment of amounts between 1-1.5k, but having in mind the experience I’ve had with the people from Curacao I’m afraid that if pay them they will not help me and all I do is to increase the loss.

    I have register the account with Game Protect.

    1. To qualify for our online gaming consumer protection service you need to register your gambling accounts with Qualify free site or make a donation in advance.

  3. I have received the confirmation from Organized Crime Directorate in Romanian Police who has confirmed that they will start the investigation on platform 90dakika.com.

    Let’s see what other things will they discover about the license 1668/JAZ.

    Being an international case, as 90dakika.com is licensed in Curacao, the case will be handle with the help of Interpol National Central Bureau.

  4. They do not show the license because it’s a scam and they want to show minimum information in order to be able to continue the scam/fraud….

  5. I am betting there about 6 months with no problems. But these days there is nobody on Live chat and no answer on mails. My account is not blocked, but max stakes is made on min. and I have withdraw request which is pending more than 7 days.

    Also, I received only one message from them:

    Your account is under investigation. The bets you have placed are under checking.

    I have there almost 2100 euro, what to do? Thanks

    1. As 90dakika and parasino lost the usage rights contract with Curacao eGaming, the only way to get your money is initiate legal action!

      Unforunately, your claim is too small to do this as a single fighter. But if more 1668/JAZ victims are willing to enforce their claims, we can organize something.

      Please frequently check this article and Curacao license scam 1668/JAZ, 365/JAZ, 5536/JAZ and 8048/JAZ

    2. I received the same messages back in Nov-Dec 2015 and I have not seen yet my money …almost 20k

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