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askgamblersYour casino complaint at Askgamblers did not lead to success? Please use Support ticket to submit your claim and we will try to enforce it through legal action.

Askgamblers offers a complaint service where casinos can explain why they do not process account balances. Players can of course try such a complaint service that can lead to get account balances processed.

But it is very important to inform the gambling community that if the ask gamblers complaints service did not lead to success, you still have the option to enforce your account balance through legal action.


  • Cost free complaint service that possibly lead to get disputes solved and account balances processed.


  • Accused casinos ignore to answer or make nonsense statements to cover up their unfair treatment.
  • Askgamblers staff do not have the qualification to legally assess claims and make wrong assessments.
  • Many victims give up after their complaint failed, even though they could enforce their claim through legal action.
  • Complaints against sportsbooks are not accepted.

Askgamblers lies about Curaçao!


Curacao Casinos
Curacao is an island country that serves as one of the most common licensors of online gaming businesses. Casinos obtain licenses through the jurisdiction of Curacao as evidence to players that they are legitimate and trustworthy, as well as to create a complete infrastructure of legal and financial services. The regulators in Curacao have been working in the online gaming industry since 1993.

There are NO REGULATORS in Curaçao and license issuers are partners in crime!

EU Standards Compliant
Because Curacao is governed under the direction of the Netherlands, players at casinos licensed in Curacao can rest assured that the casino is guided by the same principles used in the European Union. Since the EU is arguably the most well-established center of online gaming, having this level of certification can only be a good thing.

The casino is guided by the same principles used in the European Union?

If true, then players can enforce its claims through legal action. But why does not Askgamblers inform the claimants about this option after their complaints service failed? 🙂

Do they ignore the reality?

Our impression is that they do not want to inform victims that they still can enforce claims through legal action after their complaints service failed!

Game Protect sent the following email and did not receive a response!

Reference: How can I contact claimants if your complaint service was not successful?


I was getting aware about some huge amount owed complaints:

If your complaint service will not lead to success, the claimants have the option to enforce their account balance through legal action. Game Protect is expert for Curacao based claims.

How can I inform the claimants that they have the option to enforce their account balances through legal action after your complaint service did not lead to success?

What is your experience with Askgamblers?

3 Responses
  1. CaSandra

    Askgamblers seems sketchy. I contacted them over an issue with Grand Eagle casino. I posted a few complaints which they would not allow. My complaint is currently unresolved.

    One of my complaint was rejected and I was told:

    Danny (AskGamblers Support)

    Jan 15, 14:19 CET

    “Dear xxxx

    Unfortunately, rules are rules and you accepted/acknowledge them when you made an account or claim a bonus at the casino. Only who can challenge the casino terms is a regulatory body of the casino, we encourage to seek further help with them.


    My complaint (besides following their rules) was also including the fact that they breach their own terms and conditions by stating they don’t allow US residents to register and deposit but in fact, they do.

    And maybe a website issue and maybe not but through their message system, I did receive a message from “Genesys Affialites” stating they wanted more information so they can look into the issue further. When I viewed their profile on askgamblers it seemed to not be authentic so I contacted askgamblers support and they stated it was a genuine user from Genysys (representing Grand Eagle). However, today, I can log into AskGamblers but when I try to view the private message, it’s gone and I am blocked from the site.

    Either way, seems this service is not very helpful but very protective of this particular casino.

  2. Timur

    Askgamblers = doesnt care about complaints with their donators, as, i lost there a lot, btc an 40k eur, now on the low, and even i missclicked with minimum deposit (put 999 instead 1000, forget about comission) they said sorry you are owned. Also every time there are software error & reload, after this it stops play in + – total MINUS. Easy to lose from 100k doge to 0 playing with 400-500 bet, without any wins.

    Even more, 1 time their hacked software owned me with FIRE LIGHTING bonus game, it was 375 RUB bet (quite high = 6$) and i got bonus game and bonus game one more (already had 4-5 WILDS) who knows as it is profitable bonus when you have re spins on 6-7 game already with 6-7 wilds…… So i caught and saw (screened for the sure) THREE NEEDABLE symbols, but support after my question what is going on showed @his [email protected] with wild instead of bonus symbol. SO i had one symbols, he had others. It was really weird and sadly, because it would give around 1k $ or so.

    They are rude and dumby sometimes, the support one time CHANGED MY PASS ramdonly, lol ? It was 2fa on it and i didnt logget out ever and already missed that iphone, so to set 2fa( he said that cant delete 2fa)))) One time he blocked me in the chat because i asked about playing moments. IVAN and SASHA (SASHA always was a little dumb ) you are so uncommunicate last. FOr ME who are VIP and receives your useless cashback. You didnt even tried to decide my trouble with 999 -1000 deposit and leaved chat. SHIT TO YOU GUYS, I ALWAYS WILL WISH YOU BADS<

  3. jose luis palomera ruiz

    ASKGAMBLE is part of the problem. They charge 40% of their losses in casinos if they are taken by them. These cannot be legal, but they are. It is necessary to send complaints from everyone to everyone’s game controller, I the first one … think like

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