Betandyou scam

betandyouA) Betandyou scam collection service
If the illegal betandyou scam does not process your account balance, please submit your claim using Support ticket

B) Betandyou scam Bitcoin loss back

The betandyou scam operates illegal without juridical valid license and players can demand all losses back for the past 5 years! Why?
Because illegal casinos are not allowed to keep the loot based on criminal and civil laws.

If you lost Bitcoin worth USD 10,000 or more to the betandyou scam, please open Support ticket to join the enforcement proceeding.

C) How does the betandyou scam work?

After you won larger amounts, they will block your account claiming that you have opened multiple accounts. They will ask you for sending KYC documents and thereafter continue giving you the runaround. is operator of the betandyou scam and here is proof how their security is lying:

– 1xbet security: The player has violated the rule of multi-account. All bets were recalculated with odds of 1. The amount of deposited money was paid to the player in full. Multi-accounts were detected on the same IP and device.

– 1xbet customer: What are the ID numbers of the accounts that used my IP address and device?

What deposit methods used the accounts that used my IP address and device?

When did you discover that my IP address and device uses several 1xbet accounts?

Please show me the proof of your claim? I can say you killed 5 people, but without proof my claim is not worth 5 cents!”

– 1xbet security: 5xxx is an account number that is multi-account for the account 5xx5.

As mentioned earlier, we found out the intersections of IPs and device usage.

Method of identificating: while the first account authorization from a device our systems generate a unique code appropriate for the user device. The codes of two accounts completely match.

– 1xbet customer: Your explanation clearly confirms that you are lying about the second account!

Because if you have a system that detects multiple accounts based on IP addresses and devices, your system would have blocked the second account instead of allowing it or at least sent a message to your security department.

I opened only the account 5xxx, but if you knowingly allowed to open the second account 5xx5, then you can not later come and claim it is a breach of your terms, because your intentionally programmed system knowingly and intentionally agreed to open the second account and thus a valid contract relationship for the second account has come about.”

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