The BetBit scam T&C state the following:

3.23 Betbit scam may close an Account if the User has not shown any logon activity for a consecutive period exceeding 12 months. After notification of this is sent to the registered e-mail address of the User, the whole balance may be removed from the Account. If the User does not carry out the transaction for 30 months, Betbit shall remit the balance to the User. If the User cannot be sufficiently located, Available Balance shall be transferred to the Curacao e-Gaming Licensing Authority.

4.8 Betbit complies with the Anti-Money Laundering Act. If the User has suspicious transactions, Betbit shall report to the relevant competent authorities in Malta.

4.9 Betbit scam may suspend, block or close an Account and withhold funds if requested to do so in accordance with the Prevention of Money Laundering Act Chapter 373 of the Laws of Malta.

5.3 These Terms and Conditions are governed by the Laws of Malta and the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the Maltese courts and/or to the rules of arbitration in accordance with the Malta Arbitration Act as administered by the Malta Arbitration Centre.

A) No operator, company or license in Curacao!!!

The anonymous venture Curaçao eGaming is partner in crime and no Licensing Authority!

More info: Curacao license scam 1668/JAZ, 365/JAZ, 5536/JAZ and 8048/JAZ

B) No operator, company or license in Malta!!!


C) If the BetBit scam will scam you, from who will you enforce your money?

BetBit scam run by blatant liars?

A representative of the BetBit scam publicly false and misleading accuses Game Protect:

Game Protect played multiple times at the BetBit scam and then threatened to go to the UK gambling commission if we did not pay him back his winnings. He did not have a gambling issue, he was predatory. He knowingly played with the idea he would claim any losses.

What kind of person does this? I’ll tell you. Some would call that a scum-bag move, but I think it is infinetly worse. He literally steals from the brand. There are programmers, workers who depend on the business aspect of a gaming operation. Most importantly, players often win, and sometimes win very big. All of these things have to be taken into consideration.

Just seeing his name on a thread gets me riled up.

@Game-Protect Please send PM me your name and address.


1) You can not threat anonymous and illegal online casinos to go to the UK Gambling Commission!

2) How does the BetBit scam know that I played there while it does not have my name and address?

People ask for proof, but the BetBit scam is not able to deliver!!!

Game-protect scam even more nefarious than you might think.

Our experience has shown that online casino criminals often suffer serious mental disorders!

He didn’t cheat. He played and lost, then tried to extort us to try to get his winnings back.


I lost and then extorted them to get my winnings back? 🙂

In the real world, if you lose then you have losses and not winnings!

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