extorts 500 Bitcoins Jackpot winner for “settlement” Scam!

Betsoft scam gaming software

July 6, 2016 Jackpot Victim Statement

I hereby confirm that I have effectively cooperated and reached an agreement with and Betsoft in relation to a dispute over a jackpot payout. I now fully accept that, as per the site’s game rules, the Jackpot cannot be won during bonus and/or free spin features and in such cases, standard pay lines apply.

The game in question, The Glam Life, had the following graphics and text on the pay table page one:
‘5 yacht icons on Max Bet wins Jackpot’
‘5 yacht icon on active payline wins 1000’

There was a misunderstanding on my part with how this rule applies with free spins; I understand now that free spin cannot be max bet since there is no bet placed. The game software provider, Betsoft, has now updated the pay table to clarify as such:
“Jackpot cannot be won during any bonus feature” has acknowledged the lack of clarification from their customer support. Betsoft has acknowledged that the game pay table may have caused misunderstanding with respect to jackpot eligibility on free spins. Both parties have now made necessary adjustments.

I agree to waive and release any claims I may have against both and Betsoft in regards to this matter. This includes any claims that may not be known as of the date of this agreement.

A confidential settlement has been reached to my satisfaction and I will receive this directly from I understand that if I make any future contradiction of this statement via publishing or broadcasting in any internet website, newspaper or magazine, public computer network, sound or television broadcast, cable or satellite programme, or any other medium now known or invented after this agreement, I will be in breach of this agreement and subject to legal claims for the return of the settlement given to me by forces jackpot winner to make false statements

Within 24 hours of receiving this confidential settlement, I will state the following to Casino Listings in a forum posting at: and at
“ I am pleased to say that this matter has been resolved to my satisfaction by all parties involved. Responsibility has been taken by for lack of clarification from their customer support, Betsoft has acknowledged that the wording on the pay table may have been cause for misunderstanding with respect to jackpot eligibility. Both parties have been very helpful and cooperative in resolving this and made the necessary adjustments. ”

I will also send the same message to Duncan Gearvie at [email protected] confirming resolution of this case. I agree to send this message within 24 hours of receiving the confidential settlement.

In addition, I agree that I may be called upon at any time in the future to make a statement provided by on any forum, as requested, in relation to this case.

I further agree to refrain from making any more negative statements about and Betsoft in regards to the matter involving this settlement, or I will be in breach of this agreement. forces jackpot winner to accept false agreement

This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement and understanding of the Parties relating to the subject matter contained herein and it is not subject to any condition not provided for herein. This Agreement supersedes any and all prior Agreements, arrangements or understandings between the Parties. No oral understandings, statement, promises, or inducements contrary to the terms of this Agreement exist.

This Agreement may not be altered, amended, or modified in any respect or particular whatsoever except by writing duly executed by all the Parties hereto.

This Agreement and it’s terms shall remain confidential among all Parties.

This matter is now accordingly closed upon receipt of the mutually agreed settlement from . Adequate consideration has been agreed to.

Kind Regards,

Jackpot Victim

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