Betcos scam

A bettor was using the Betcos scam service and betting on ITF events. After the bettor won 1,000€, the Betcos scam suspended his account!

1) Betcos Victim:

What that means – UserClosedException

When you will process my withdrawals?

2) Betcos scam support:

Hi xxx,

Your bets in ITF events are being analyzed by our trading team. Until then, we will keep your acciount suspended.

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3) Betcos victim:

What exactly you analyze?

What is wrong with them?

The Betcos scam support never answered again and victim gave Game Protect the order to assist him getting his 1,000€. Game Protect contacted the Betcos scam support team and received the following answer.

4) Betcos scam statement

We received your emails and we truly don´t believe they deserve response. Your client (or whatever he is) presented clear patterns or professional gambling, which we clearly stand agains in our T&C. If you would do the work of reading our T&C and know exactly the betting activity he had, you wouldn´t bother with the ridiculousness of this emails.
So, please, feel free to act accordingly your business. We don´t care.

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5) Game Protect:


Thanks for answering. If you show me the proof that xxx breached your T&C, I will refrain from further activity like publishing the Betcos scam article that will bring you much more losses than the 1,000€ you are trying to scam from xxx.

In general, the one accusing someone for doing something wrong has to show the proof of the accusation! Agreed?

If the Betcos trading team was able to collect proof that the account holder breached their T&C, why did not they inform the account holder? Why did they simply cut the conversation instead? That highly indicates that Betcos is scamming the account holder!

If you had a bad experience with Betcos, please post in the comment section?
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