Betsoft scam gaming software extorts 500 Bitcoins Jackpot winner for “settlement” scam!

Betsoft scam is a software provider for casino games and a publicly proven scam! Jasonort from 100% sure and crystal clear won the “the Glam Life” jackpot worth of 500 Bitcoins:
BetSoft Non-Payment of Jackpot

Below is the screenshot I made from the Betsoft scam website , 2 months after Jasonort won the jackpot. After calling out, Betsoft meanwhile removed this page:

betsoft scam

Features “the Glam Life”:

  • 5 jackpot symbols on max bet wins the JACKPOT!
  • 3 or more Match bonus symbols on an active payline awards the on-reels bonus game
  • 5 bonus feature symbols awards second screen bonus round
  • 3 Click Me! symbols awards players up to 150 credits instantly

Not one word about the jackpot can not be won during bonus rounds. If winning the jackpot during bonus rounds would be excluded, then the civil laws require to state this!

Jasonort: I originally bet the maximum number of credits (125) and matched 3 airplanes on two separate pay lines resulting in 4 bonus spins. On the 4th bonus spin, I hit 5 yachts on the same pay line. I received only 1000 credits (5 pay lines x 200 credits = max bet) and not the jackpot!

Betsoft scam and scam never declined that it was a max bet. But they said that free spins do not qualify for the jackpot. This is an absolute absurd excusation, because

  • If bonus rounds do not qualifiy for the jackpot, then they have to be exluded in the features description and paytable of the game.
  • After Jasonort won the jackpot, excluded free spins in the paytable. And this confirms that bonus rounds were eligible for the jackpot when Jasonort played. Curiously, Betsoft did not exclude bonus rounds from winning the jackpot, after Jasonort won the jackpot!
  • Betsoft has other slots where free spins very well qualify for the jackpot. And this confirms that bonus rounds are not in general exluded from winning jackpots.

Who owes the money, or Betsoft scam?

A) crystal clear owe the jackpot, because

1) The operator of is the contract partner of the players

2) Player logged in and played with the casino client

3) Jackpot winner deposited money to

4) The juridical not valid Terms of Service on website do not state one word about that the Betsoft scam collect the jackpot contributions and is responsible for payment

B) The Betsoft scam also owes the jackpot, because

1) They cooperate with the publicly proven scam = criminal offense. And when you cooperate with criminals, then you are liable for the damage occured

2) Progressive jackpots usually run in all online casinos connected to Betsoft scam gaming software. Hence, Betsoft collect the “the Glam Life” jackpot contributions from all connected casinos. If the jackpot hit in casino XY, then Betsoft send the money to XY and XY give the money to the winner.

We know the applicable jurisdictions and liable parties to sue and Betsoft!

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