victim scams Game Protect for 20 BTC = $300,000!

You can read here BITCASINO MADE ME WHOLE how a scam victim defrauded Game Protect for 20 Bitcoin = $300,000! He deleted his posts after receipt! But his offer to give 20% for help and my posts how I helped him are still there. More about this case also here: BitCasino scam

What happened?

He unsuccessfully tried to get his 100 Bitcoin from the publicly proven BitCasino scam since 1,5 years! December 2017 he opened this thread on the bitcointalk forum. The victim informed the public about his issue and offered 20% of the 100 Bitcoin for help after receipt of payment. answered in his thread and publicly continued to persist not owing him anything:

BitCasino statement

In regard to the honeyhoney1 account post from above, here are the facts of the case.

Account opened on 22nd of June, 2016. Unverified account.

24th of June deposit of ? 8, winning on slots and a withdrawal of ? 80 – withdrawal paid within 2 minutes of being requested – customer very happy!

The withdrawal was requested using the same IP address and device, that was used during the signup process, so no red flags.

Within hours of the initial withdrawal being processed, the customer logged in from a different location (different IP), a different device and made 3 deposits, winning on slots games and started making multiple withdrawals.

Due to the withdrawals coming from a different device and location, it immediately raised a red flag for our team, whereby we naturally followed the KYC procedure outlined in our terms and conditions. This is done to protect our customer’s funds from any fraudulent activities or hackers. This is in our T&C and is a standard procedure we follow to ensure customer safety as per 3.11 and 5.4 in

Regarding the communication and transparency from Bitcasino side.

The KYC email that customer states to have never received, ’it was sent to the email address registered on the account honeyhoney1 on the 25th of June, 2016.

After sending the email, the customer spoke to our support agent via our live- chat. During the live chat conversation, the customer expressed concerns about sending documents to a “random” bitcoin casino. Also, he informed Bitcasino that he wouldn’t be able to access that email due to server issues.

Bitcasino provided an alternative to the customer, guiding him to our onsite upload functionality. Whilst the customer was talking to our support agent a driver licence was uploaded (front side only). The driver’s licence uploaded was not approved by our quality and assurance department as it was obviously fake and didn’t match his geo-location, which raised doubts about to whom we were actually talking.

Bitcasino repeatedly requested the customer to upload the front and back side of the identity document and the utility bill for geo-location verification.

The requested withdrawals were then placed back on customers Bitcasino account until the player had satisfied this request and we had verified that it was the actual player. 3 hours after the live chat, the customer had still not uploaded any further documents and decided to start playing instead.

The customer played high volatility slots with very high stakes varying from m? 100 to m? 3,000 and unfortunately lost all his account balance.

In essence, we have not broken our terms and conditions in regards to your claims, especially given the fact that no funds have been confiscated or misplaced. Most importantly in this whole case, the uploaded documents were not in the players name therefore we did not know who is in control of that account. If he had uploaded his real documents, his withdrawal would have been processed within 2 minutes like everyone else’s.

Bitcasino Team

Game Protect helped victim to receive his 100 BTC

Some brainless idiots from the bitcointalk forum also posted their nonsense and attacked Game Protect as usual. I assessed his case based on the information and documents we have in regard to the Curacao license scam 1668/JAZ, sub-licenses have no legal basis! and based on the Curacao licensing and civil laws.

The result was that unjustifiably has withheld his balance and shortly after he received his 100 Bitcoin. The victim instantly deleted all his posts and escaped without honoring my help!

There was a similiar case with a SportsBet scam victim! He opened 21.5 BTC TAKEN BY SPORTSBET.IO, offered to honor help and escaped quickly after he received 15 BTC with our help.

If you want to achieve something, you have to move something!

Countless victims with Game Protect not qualified issues asked us for cost free help and a part of the 20 Bitcoin could have been used to enforce your claim. So if you have something to say about this scam against our community, feel free to do it in the comment section or on bitcointalk forum.

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