Bitcasino Sportsbet get all your losses back for the past 5 years!

bitcasino sportsbetHave you ever dreamed about 100% loss back? We think it is time to let your dream come true and offer this service for the illegal Bitcasino Sportsbet scam for the past 5 years!

We have sufficient info and proof confirming that bitcasino and sportsbet operate without a license and in breach of AML and other laws!

Bitcasino Sportsbet proof collection

Please submit your Bitcasino or Sportsbet username and screenshots or video of your deposit and withdraw history using Support Ticket. You can also add the Bitcoin deposit transaction numbers. Please only submit total losses of more than 0.5 BTC.

More info: Curacao license scam 1668/JAZ, 365/JAZ, 5536/JAZ and 8048/JAZ

A player BITCASINO MADE ME WHOLE already received 100 Bitcoin = $1,7 million loss back with our help. Unfortunately he forgot to send the announced 20 Bitcoin what you can read here: victim scams Game Protect for 20 BTC = $300,000!


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  1. Hey, I had an underage son who deposited my money as well as got scammed by sports bet. I tried to dispute this and they closed it in a matter of days not evening mentioning about the major issue at hand. The range of the total loss through my wallet is below a thousand dollars. I would still like to recover this loss. Any way you can help me out?

    1. The amount owed is too small to join our Bitcasino Sportsbet get all your losses back assistance.

      How Game Protect works for other issues is explained here:

      1. I now have over 0.5 btc worth deposited into the site, Will I be able to participate? I’ve also lost everything out of the totaled deposited.

        1. Yes, you are able to participate, but you have to be patient because authorities are not the quickest.

  2. Will there be any fees I’ll have to pay?

    1. This will depend on the behavior of the offender

  3. 1) So all I have to do is send in screen shots? 2) Is there an approximation time, like a few months or years, etc.

  4. 1) Yes.

    2) No one knows in advance how long authorities will need.

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