Bitcasino Sportsbet get all your losses back for the past 5 years!

bitcasino sportsbetUPDATE April 11, 2018

Keep on bring in Bitcasino Sportsbet losses, but from now on we will only assist total losses of 0.5 Bitcoin or more.

UPDATE February 20, 2018

mBetSolutions N.V. is meanwhile very concerned about our Bitcasino Sportsbet 100% loss back activity and decided to publicly announce a death threat against Game Protect!

His behavior clearly confirms that he posts in the name of Bitcasino and Sportsbet, while it could be also Timothy himself based on the info we have.

Quote from: XarXymtroa on Today at 12:33:07 AM

Anyone want to start a GoFundMe page for this loser’s funeral;


Have you ever dreamed about 100% loss back? We think it is time to let your dream come true and offer this service for the publicly proven Bitcasino Sportsbet scam for the past 5 years!

We have sufficient info and documents confirming that the usage rights contract between Curaçao eGaming and mBetSolutions N.V. has no legal basis!

What does this mean?

Bitcasino Sportsbet operate illegal and have to give all losses back! Why? Because illegal gambling operators are not allowed by civil and criminal laws to keep deposits. If you never heard about this before, simply ask any lawyer or even the police if this is true.

How can we proceed?

There are basically 2 options available:

A) Cost free: File criminal complaints against the liable participants like manager Timothy John Heath.

B) Start a civil court case against liable parties of the Bitcasino Sportsbet scam. Court fee is 1% of the amount owed with a minimum of $375 per claimant.

Bitcasino Sportsbet proof collection

Please submit your Bitcasino or Sportsbet username and screenshots of your deposit and withdraw history using Report Issue. You can also add the Bitcoin deposit transaction numbers. Our Bitcasino Sportsbet 100% loss back assistance service is free and you have nothing to lose.

This guy BITCASINO MADE ME WHOLE already received 100 Bitcoin = $1,7 million loss back with our help. Unfortunately he forgot to send the announced 20 Bitcoin what you can read here: victim scams Game Protect for 20 BTC = $300,000!

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