Bitcasino Sportsbet get all your deposits back for past 5 years!

bitcasino sportsbetHave you ever dreamed about 100% cashback? We think it is time to let your dream come true and offer this service for the publicly proven Bitcasino Sportsbet scam for the past 5 years! We have information and documents confirming that the Curacao licensing laws are not fulfilled and their sub-license has no legal basis!

What does this mean?

Bitcasino Sportsbet operate illegal without a valid license! Illegal gambling operators are not allowed by civil and criminal laws to keep deposits collected. If you never heard about this before, simply ask any lawyer or even the police if this is true.

How can we proceed?

There are basically 2 options available:

  • Start a civil court case against mBetSolutions N.V., operator of the Bitcasino and Sportsbet scam. Court fee is 1% of the amount owed with $375 minimum per claimant.
  • File a criminal complaint against manager Timothy John Heath at the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Curacao:

    Address: De Tempel Emanu-Él , Hendrikplein z/n, Curaçao
    Phone: + (599-9) 434 2100 | Fax: +(599-9) 461 3328 / 461 1888
    Emails: [email protected] + [email protected]
    Website: (English)

Our Bitcasino Sportsbet recommendation

It is possible to start a civil court case against mBetSolutions N.V. at any time. But there will be soon a court decision which will likely confirm that the Curacao licensing laws are not fulfilled. And it makes sense to file a criminal complaint in reference to this court judge, because it is cost free.

If you want to join, please submit your Bitcasino or Sportsbet customer ID and your Bitcoin deposit transfers using Report Issue. We do not charge anything for our Bitcasino Sportsbet 100% cashback service and you have nothing to lose.

This guy BITCASINO MADE ME WHOLE received a 100 Bitcoin = $1,7 million cashback with our help, but forgot to give the announced 20 Bitcoin what you can read here: victim scams Game Protect for 20 BTC = $300,000!

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