Bitcointalk scam defamation campaigns

On the Bitcointalk scam forum everyone can publish a defamation campaign against everyone without showing the proof of the accusation! The falsely accused will be then publicly market as a scammer. If the falsely accused will disprove the false scam accusation, the administration persists to continue the defamation campaign. Even after the accuser itself withdrew the scam accusation, the administration continues to publish the defamation campaign.

Is this the new decentralized and freedom of speech world people are looking for?

A Megadice scam victim publicly confirmed that washed his brain and misled him to not engage Game Protect:

19 BTC Megadice scam victim:
Please note that I am extremely mentally ill brain washed. I am just not as brainy as you and I am not brainy enough to make the only right decision, giving the mandate to game-protect. I am sorry and I have to pay for my stupidity to my lawyer.

The Bitcointalk extremely mentally ill brain washery cost him currently 19 BTC x 40,000 = 760,000 USD!!!
Because only Game Protect successfully collected many claims from Curacao fake licensed online casinos.
Please ask the extremely mentally ill brain washed if he was able to collect his 19 BTC?

Bitcointalk scam administration

If you have useful info like names or home addresses in regard to the administration, please contact us. We will give up to 1 BTC for useful info.

Michael Marquardt is administrator of the forum and lives in the US. Do you know his home address?

OgNasty is the treasurer of their Bitcoin loot assets and lives in San Diego. Do you know his name?
bitcointalk scam

Despite of publishing defamation campaigns against innocent people, is the largest forum for advertising illegal activities. Criminals are allowed to advertise illegal online casinos and crypto investment scam projects like ponzi schemes for Bitcoin or for free.

Until today, thousands of Bitcointalk scam customers became a victim after reading advertisements of illegal online casinos and crypto scam projects! The good news is that the administration can be held liable for damages victims suffered after reading advertisement on

If you read advertisement on and became a victim, please submit your claim using Support ticket.

2 Responses
  1. Random

    Clearly, you are upset because nobody believed you, or this fake service you provide with absolutely no legal credentials or experience.

    Bitcointalk Forums called you out for what you were.


  2. Game Protect

    Clearly, you are upset because nobody believed you,

    I am upset about Bitcointalk publishing a baseless defamation campaign and declaring me a scammer! But I am not upset if brain washed idiots do not believe that they can try to collect their claims using legal channels.

    Very unprofessional if forum administrators support defamation campaigns!

    or this fake service you provide with absolutely no legal credentials or experience.

    Game Protect has over 4 years experience with collecting online casino and sportsbook claims and cooperates with expert lawyers. So far, we were able to collect many claims and never lost a court case. 🙂

    Bitcointalk Forums called you out for what you were. Fraud.

    Brain washers on Bitcointalk (false and misleading) claim that Game Protect is a scam, but they are not able to show the proof!

    Maybe instead of calling something out, simply put the proof on the table?

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