Bitdice scam

The Bitdice scam deliberately did not fulfill the promised ICO roadmap and has to compensate losses suffered by Investors. If you purchased CSNO fantasy tokens and suffered a loss of at least 0.5 BTC please open a support ticket.

At the beginning of the crypto currency era online casino and sportsbook operators offered investors to become part of its bankroll. Investors sent crypto currencies and participated in the winnings or losses of the operation. If investors were not happy with the profit the casino generated then they simply withdrew its invested amount. The operators had a high incentive to run the casino profitable to attrack more investors and keep the current investors.

Some years later the Bitdice scam discovered a new method to fill its pockets with the money sent by investors! Instead of receiving crypto currencies and owing crypto currencies to the investors they sell now its CSNO fantasy tokens. The holder of the CSNO fantasy tokens are entitled to receive a profit share of the Bitdice scam operation.

Bitdice scam does not fulfill ICO promises

Why is it a scam?

A) The Bitdice scam admin deliberately did not fulfill the implementation of new features as promised in the CSNO fantasy token ICO roadmap! It is clear that the implementation of new features and games will potentially bring new customers and more revenue. But if the collected investment is not used to implement the new features and games then the revenue can not increase and the value of the CSNO fantasy tokens will drop significantly.

Until Summer 2017 the Bitdice scam allegedly made 2,300 BTC profit and since the CSNO fantasy token ICO investors lost 80%! How come? Did the admin put 80% of the collected investment in its pocket?
bitdice sam

B) Bitdice scam admin deliberately did not use the collected investment as promised in the ICO proceeds! Instead the Bitdice scam admin embezzled a larger part of the investment and put it in its pocket!
The value of the CSNO token depends on the casino profit and the casino profit depends on the casino operation. But if a large part of the investment is not used for the casino operation, then the value of the CSNO token will drop significantly. Only few months later the value of the CSNO token dropped 80% and investors lost 80% of its investment!
bitdice scam

Alex incorporated BitDice N.V. on May 2018 to be able to get a license and open bank accounts. But he did not use the bank account to operate with fiat currencies as announced in the ICO proceeds. Instead he used it to exchange the embezzled crypto currency investments!

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