Actual News extort 500 Bitcoins Jackpot winner for “settlement” Scam! Betsoft scam gaming software _________________________________________________________________________________ July 6, 2016 Jackpot Victim Statement I hereby confirm that I have effectively cooperated and reached an agreement with and Betsoft in relation to a dispute over a jackpot payout. I now fully accept that, as per the site’s game rules, the Jackpot cannot be won […]

666Bet Online Gaming Fraud £21 Million Investigation

March 2015: A director of an online gambling company linked to two Premier League clubs has been arrested in connection with a £21 million 666Bet online gambling fraud and money-laundering investigation, The Independent on Sunday can reveal. Former football manager Harry Redknapp (pictured) was signed for an advertising blitz last year by 666Bet, which announced […]