BetBit scam

A representative of the BetBit scam publicly false and misleading accuses Game Protect of the following: Game Protect played multiple times at the BetBit scam and then threatened to go to the UK gambling commission if we did not pay him back his winnings. He did not have a gambling issue, he was predatory. He […]

Betcos scam

A bettor was using the Betcos scam service and betting on ITF events. After the bettor won 1,000€, the Betcos scam suspended his account! 1) Betcos Victim: What that means – UserClosedException When you will process my withdrawals? 2) Betcos scam support: Hi xxx, Your bets in ITF events are being analyzed by our trading […]

Duckdice scam

What happened? Victim deposited 2 BTC to the duckdice scam and 2.4 BTC bonus was added. After he won 5.08 BTC and the total balance was 9.48 BTC, he decided to cancel the bonus to unlock his balance. Steps 1) BONUS | Locked Balance xxx BTC | “The locked balance amount will be substracted from […]