Crypto gambling sites with consumer protection service

crypto gamblingCrypto gambling becomes more and more famous around the world. This is because crypto currencies are anonymous + decentralized with instant transfers and low processing fees. More info: Bitcoin & Blockchain Technology beginner’s guide + infographiccrypto gamblingYou can take a look at our Warnings list, but our experience has shown that it is technically not possible and too time-consuming to list all crypto gambling scams! Hence, the only and best option to play relatively safe is to play with consumer protection service. To qualify for consumer protection service, simply register your gambling accounts with operators below:

  • BetOnline (Details + Register) Casino – Live Dealer, E-Sports, Poker, Sports Betting | US allowed
  • Poker traffic: 24 Hr Peak: 1120 | 7 Day Avg: 650 | Tournament Players: 990 | 7 Day Avg: 650

  • BitcoinRush (Details + Register) Casino, E-Sports, Horse Race, Sports Betting | anonym + instant
  • Fairlay (Details + Register) BTC prediction market and exchange | anonym + instant | US allowed
  • NitrogenSports (Details + Register) Casino, Dice, Poker, Sports | anonym + instant | all countries
    Poker traffic: 24 Hr Peak: 42 | 7 Day Avg: 14
  • Wild Casino (Details + Register) Casino – Live Dealer, Slots, Video Poker | US allowed

If you love to drive cars without insurance or play crypto gambling on your own risk, we wish you good luck! In all other cases we recommend to register your accounts with any Qualify free operator.