Cryptocurency claim collection service

cryptocurrency claim collection

We are specialized in cryptocurrency claim collection with over 5 years experience and in cooperation with worldwide expert lawyers.

Our operation has started with the collection of online casino and sportsbook claims, mainly from Curacao fake licensed operators.

With the boom of cryptocurrency and tokenization businesses, like online casinos, ICOs and ponzi schemes, we decided to focus on cryptocurrency claim collection and became highly experienced.

We try to collect all type of cryptocurrency claims, if the value is at least around 25,000 Euro. Our service is basically offered for 65:35 contingency fee, but in some cases I or the lawyer want a retainer.

Cryptocurrency claim collection examples

Below are examples of our cryptocurrency claim collection service:

A) Any type of cryptocurrency related investment scams like Initial Coin offerings or Ponzi schemes

B) Fiat and cryptocurrency claims from Fiat and cryptocurrency exchanges, including hacks (

C) Casinos or sportsbooks took cryptocurrency illegal by your local laws or without having a license

To submit your cryptocurrency claim, please open a Support ticket

Example for C)
The Curacao licenses 1668/JAZ, 365/JAZ, 5536/JAZ and 8048/JAZ are not valid for cryptocurrencies!
1) The licensing conditions state that a license holder must use bank accounts in Curacao or at reputable banks abroad.
2) Cryptocurrencies are not mentioned in the licensing contracts between the Government of Curacao and license holders. In the year 1996, when the licensing contract text was formulated, cryptocurrencies did not exist. The Government of Curacao renewed the licensing contracts every 5 years, but they did not add cryptocurrencies to the contract. So it looks like adding cryptocurrencies to the existing 4 licensing contracts requires a new law.

Hence, casinos and sportsbooks operating or operated under the 1668/JAZ, 365/JAZ, 5536/JAZ and 8048/JAZ license took your cryptocurrency illegally! And if casinos or sportsbooks took cryptocurrencies illegally, players are entitled to get it back for the past 5 years. The offenders likely will not give it back voluntarily, but we can use different legal channels.

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