Curacao license scam 1668/JAZ, sub-licenses have no legal basis! donates 1 Bitcoin each day leading up to Christmas

Game Protect uncovered the biggest scam scheme in the online gaming history!

Curaçao – We have uncovered the biggest scam scheme in the online gaming history with a damage of over 1000 million Euro! We have info and documents that

  • Sub-license holders and payment service providers ignore the publicly stated Curacao license laws
  • Sub-license and master-license holders intentionally ignore the terms and conditions of the contract
  • We need to see the master-licenses to check if participants comply with the Government regulation

Even the Public Prosecutor’s Office Curacao confirms that online games of chance are not regulated:

At the moment, brick and mortar casinos and lotteries are regulated by two dfferent organizations, whereas online games of chance are yet to be regulated in anticipation of legislation.

What does this mean?

  • All gaming sites that claim to operate under the license 1668/JAZ, 365/JAZ, 5536/JAZ or 8048/JAZ have no valid license and operate illegal!
  • Players can demand all deposits back for the past 5 years, because illegal gambling operators are not allowed to keep your money.
  • Payment service providers like Credit Card, EcoPayz, Neteller or Skrill did not check the validity of the licenses and are also liable for the damage.
  • To demand all your deposits back, you need to request your transaction history from your payment service provider for the past 5 years.

Payment service providers

Neteller intentionally sends money to illegal online gambling sites!

Skrill ignores to say if they check the validity of gambling licenses!

What can I do?

Inform friends, social media, forums and websites about the biggest scam in the online gaming history!

Curacao license scam confirms the seal status is no valid license certificate!

UPDATE December 2017

We informed long time ago that the sub-licenses have no legal basis and Curacao eGaming confirms now that the seal status is not to be accepted as valid license certificate!

curacao license scam

Where is the valid license certificate?

If you go to the Curacao eGaming License Validation page:

and click the “Validate license status” button, you will be forwarded to:
curacao license scamFrom the Curacao eGaming License Validation page:

Curacao Egaming should only be contacted by players when they believe an Operator is in breach of their license.

But to be able to assess if an operator is in breach of their license we need to see the content of the license, right?

Government of Curacao issues licenses to trade names?

Trade name Curacao eGaming claims that the Government of Curacao issued the license 1668/JAZ to them. But trade names have no legal capacity and can not sign contracts while all sub-license holders must have a legal entity ending with N.V. or B.V.!

curacao license scam

Public Prosecutor’s Office Curacao

We have recently observed irregularities regarding the online gaming industry of Curacao and are mapping the problem to see whether this is institutionalized or incidental.

The PPO is unsure whether the Curacao licensing scam is institutionalized or incidental and all victims can file a complaint to help them to find out!

Public Prosecutor’s Office

Address: De Tempel Emanu-Él , Hendrikplein z/n, Curaçao
Phone: + (599-9) 434 2100 | Fax: +(599-9) 461 3328 / 461 1888
Emails: [email protected] + [email protected]
Website: (English)

Key questions to the Curacao license scam

Everyone can use and [email protected] and [email protected] and ask the following questions to Curacao eGaming:

  • Please show us your 1668/JAZ license issued by the Government of Curacao?
  • Which part of the government regulates you and how?
  • How do you supervise and regulate your authorized IP operators and providers of service?

Please post their response in the comments section below.

Curacao eGaming breaks the silence after 20 years!

After 20 years of silence, the Curacao license scam suddenly feels the necessity to defend themselves against this Game Protect article. From Curaçao eGaming website:

Notice regarding false article:

This article is baseless and has been part of a series false reports about UTS, a local Curacao telecom. UTS is a local Curaçao telecom which has been targeted by journalist and fake news websites who claim UTS is the licensor and operator of Curaçao online gaming services. UTS is one of several data centre ezone’s on Curaçao which Curaçao corporate providers could register their ezone eGaming clients companies under.

UTS simply does not want any further ezone eGaming company registrations in their ezone due to the negative impact of the false news, corporate services providers can register their clients ezone companies in any number of ezones on Curaçao. This decision of UTS has absolutely no impact on Curaçao License 1668/JAZ or its services. The actual article stating the actual position of UTS can be found here.

Curacao eGaming says that UTS simply does not want any further company registration in their ezone while UTS announced to stop with the delivery of infrastructure August 2017!

But as everyone can see on the Curacao eGaming license validation page, the illegal gambling sites still have their address in the UTS building Dr.M.J. Hugenholtzweg Z/N!

Curacao license scam examples

Curaçao eGaming claims on its website that their mission is to supervise and ensure the integrity and conduct of Curaçao eGaming’s authorized IP operator and providers of service.

But several scams with US $ millions of damage already happened:

1XBit scam + 1XBet scam scam

Betsoft scam gaming software scam

Full Flush Poker Litigation 70:30 offer (Pending case)

Lock Poker Business Plan, 15 mio embezzled (Pending case)

MegaDice scam, 500+ Bitcoins defrauded and disappeared!

Merge Gaming Network – Carbon Poker, Sportsbook, Players Only

Muchos Poker scam

Win Cake Poker + Juicy Stakes (Pending case)

Further info about the Curacao license scam in the comment section below:


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  1. is using the same License No. 1668/JAZ and they have stolen money from clients.

    More info: 90dakika scam

  2. (1) I also have problems with Ramses Gold Casino. I requested a payment of EUR 1,500.14 on June 24, 2017. First, they refused and later they returned. They did that on July 3, 2017. I’m still waiting for my money. No one respond anymore to my various mails.
    (2) What can I do and who should I contact to collect my money? Just shame.
    (3) Who will help me further before August 1st, because I suspect that nothing will happen again.
    (4) Thank you for your interest in my issue. I really hope that someone can help me in the right way.

    1. (2) What can I do and who should I contact to collect my money?

      You need to sue Game Tech Group N.V. in Curacao, but your €1,500 claim is not worth the money and time. Hence, you can only inform the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Curacao or [email protected]

      (3) Who will help me further before August 1st, because I suspect that nothing will happen again.

      According to Curacao eGaming, they will continue as licensor and licensees just have to move to another ezone. Even if Ramses Gold Casino would stop its service, your claim is still valid for the next 5 years.

      (4) Thank you for your interest in my issue. I really hope that someone can help me in the right way.

      I doubt that anyone is willing to pay your lawyer or court fee, but in future you can qualify for our online gaming consumer protection service. In this case, all enforcement costs are covered by us.

      1. Thank you for the information. I will definitely send an email, because I do not really hear from them anymore.

  3. I have just been scammed out of $30,000. Account blocked on

    Can someone help?

  4. I have same problem with those casinos. I can not get money out. Lets take money out together. I am in if we make some good deal together. That 1668/JAZ case is same thing.

    1. What gambling site is it and how much is your damage? Please use Report issue.

  5. Hello,

    I have some money at sincitycasino with this license: “No. 1668/JAZ issued to Curaçao eGaming”.
    they canceled my withdrawal. then they do not respond to emails, and finally the account is blocked.

    I do not understand this, since the Slots of other reputable companies in the market like Microgaming (Quickfire), NETENT, etc. I do not understand how it is possible for a casino to turn off Chat, have an International phone contact that does not work, not respond to my emails, and still have the slots from large companies.
    I need help, because I want to get my money back. If not what I won, at least I want to receive my deposits and associated fees.

    Who can help me?

    1. How much is your win and do you have proof?

      How much is the amount of your total deposits? As Sincitycasino is on the Curacao licensing scam operators list and operate illegal without a valid license you can demand all your deposits back for the past 5 years!

  6. Hi,

    Betfinal is a legal casino, operating under a license 1668/JAZ issued by the Government of Curacao. The company obtained the license from the Curacao eGaming, which is the governing legal entity for regulating casino operators with a license from Curacao. Curacao eGaming has been issuing licenses since 1996, supervising and ensuring the integrity of Curacao eGaming operators. Below you can find a link to our valid license:

    If there are any more questions in regards to area of licenses, we advise you to contact the Curacao eGaming at Here you can email them with any questions you might have.

    We hope this clarified any doubts there may have been on this forum. We at Betfinal want to be transparent with our customers and we find integrity an important piece of our business.

    Kind regards,

    1. Hello,

      1) Betfinal claims to operate under the 1668/JAZ license issued by the Government of Curacao to the trade name Curacao eGaming, but where is this license?

      Why does Curacao eGaming keeps the content of this license a secret? You are surely able to understand that we need to see this main license to be able to analyse if the sub-licenses are technically valid?

      As Curacao eGaming offers a copy of the 1668/JAZ main license upon request to its sub-licensees, can you please request it and forward it to Game Protect?

      2) Please show us the document where the Government of Curacao declared or authorized the trade name Curacao eGaming as the governing legal entity for regulating casino operators?

      Even the Public Prosecutor’s Office confirms that online games are not regulated:

      At the moment, brick and mortar casinos and lotteries are regulated by two dfferent organizations, whereas online games of chance are yet to be regulated in anticipation of legislation.

      3) Game Protect has a ton of proof that Curacao eGaming neither supervises anything nor ensures the integrity of Curacao eGaming operators. The opposite is the case! They actively assist their sub-licensees to defraud their customers!

      4) Only because the anonymous website claims that Betfinal operates under their 1668/JAZ license does not mean that this claim has any legal basis!

      a) Based on Roman laws trade names have no legal capacity! Only legal entities like companies and private persons are entitled to sign legally binding contracts.

      b) Even if those sub-licenses are technically valid, they still have no legal basis as the Curacao licensing requirement laws are not fulfilled.

      c) Curacao eGaming informs in its own sub-license contracts that the sub-license is granted under its responsibility and authority. But we all know that Curacao eGaming denies any responsibilty and never helped to solve issues or compensate victims!

      Under their authority is also not fulfilled, as otherwise several sub-licensees would have been not able to defraud their customers for over $20 million!

    2. I used your recommended and also sent emails to [email protected] and [email protected] and asked them to show their 1668/JAZ license from the government of Curacao and they ignored me!

      WHERE is this fkn phantom license?

    3. Stop LIEING people. I’ve sent 3 requests to Curaçao egaming during last month and I didn’t receive any info about licenses…

  7. Intertops poker is same shit from Curacao. They closed my account without any proof and reason and dont want to pay me money I have on account. Do you have some information about them?

    1. The operator of Intertops Poker was Igel Services N.V. and you can sue them in Curacao. But as the words court and suing are not in the heads of the victims, these criminals can easily defraud millions!

      Intertops, Win Cake, Juicystakes and Lock Poker had all the 1668/JAZ fake license! Curacao eGaming supervised the Cake Poker Network scam with over $10 millions defrauded. A victim has documents that Intertops purchased the Cake Poker Network and continued to defraud the Juicystakes and Win Cake Poker victims with offering 10% of their original balance on Intertops account.

  8. Hello, my name is Preslav Petkov, I have an open account in bookmaker Noxwin. A few days ago, I wanted to withdraw EUR 1134.5 from my account. Noxwin asked me for verification documents. I sent them the papers and they approved them. But after a 5-day delay they informed me that they would give me only 440 Euros as I have for my deposits. For other money, winning bets are canceled and my losing bets remain losers. The reason they do so, in their words, is that there are re- criminations to the state of which I am a resident, but I have information that other Bulgarians do not do so. And I still have access to my Noxwin account. Please help me, this is robbery on their part.

    1. Noxwin operates under the 8048/JAZ license:

      Report this robbery to their licensor [email protected] and post their response here.

      1. Hello, I sent several emails to this address [email protected] (Antillephone N.V.) with the complaint that Noxwin stole 695 euros but I have no answer!

  9. I am in the UK and am having a problem with Winner Million who operate using this licence number: curucao licence 8048/JAZ

    They are with-holding a small withdrawal of GBP£250.18. Is there any way i can get this money back?

    1. As they have no license for the UK they are not allowed by UK laws to take money from you and let you play!

      What deposit methods did you use?

  10. I was playing on bookmaker side “1xbet”. I was using my account according with regulations on 1xbet side. I was playing approximate 2-3 weeks. All was good I mean: payments, payouts. After few days I have collected over 5000 Euro and the problems have started. I got answer they need verification my account – It was a normal verification procedure. They need ID document first. I sent it and next I got answer that I have to send something another (my selfie with my ID in my hand and on the background have to be my conversation on my computer with 1xbet). Of course I sent all they need. Of course first the quality was not good so I sent it few times until they accepted it. I got email: “your data is under verification”. Next I got email “What is Your relation with M……R…?”

    I sent email – I do not know this person. I was very surprised quality of questions!!! I got email: “Your account is available for placing bets” that is mean I can use and place bets. ALL the time they “pick holes”!!!!

    They find nothing!!!! So they sent me an email about close my account:

    Good Day. We are bringing to your notice that we made a decision to stop any collaboration with you (closing your gaming account) on the basis of General Terms and Conditions of the Bookmaker Company:
    Should the bettor commit fraud in respect to the bookmaker (such as the registration of multiple accounts, the use of automated betting software, arbitrage betting, if the betting account is not used for betting, the improper use of loyalty schemes, etc.), the bookmaker reserves the right to stop such fraudulent actions by:
    -bet cancellation;
    -closure of the customer’s account with the balance being refunded;
    -filing a claim to a law-enforcement agency.
    Effective as of 1 January 2011
    It was made decision after close investigation of the situation by our Security Service.
    We ask you not to create playing accounts in our company. Please, be aware that new accounts created by you will be closed, bets will be cancelled, deposited funds will not be returned, they will be used on the expenses related to investigation and blocking.
    Due to the fact that your actions are the most rough violation of rules of our company, the decision about stopping the collaboration with your is final and it can not be reviewed.
    All requests from you on the topic of blocking will be ignored.

    My opinion is: I was deluded. I did not use a multiple account, automated betting software, arbitrage betting!!! They did not find any reason to close my account so they sent standard regulations without validate in reality. Of course I play for fun!! In my opinion they know from the very first, if I collect much money it is not a problem for them to defraud me and close my account. It is crazy that nobody control 1xbet!!

    Finally I would like to resolve this matter and to update all my cancellation bets! I would like also to make public all my problems on example: Twitter and more. I hope to finish this matter arbitral.

    I attached photos, ID, selfie, scans conversations, history of my cancellation bets. If you need more please give me an answer I will offer my help.

    And the end I did not get any answer to this time. 1xbet is like a bitch

    1. You can join the 1xBit + 1xBet scam 70:30 litigation process, join + claim your money! The more victims join and the more proof of their scam tactic we have, the higher is the chance to achieve something.

      It is their typical scam tactic to start verification process after larger amounts are won!

  11. Hi admin. I was defrauded. Can you help me?? site’s name is ( and they using Lic.8048/JAZ. Site don’t give me my won money. I won 30000 dolars.They are cheats. I’m living Turkey and I want them to be punished. And can I get my money? Do you have an idea help me please

    1. Based on what do you conclude that they use the 8048/JAZ license?

      If you click on the Curacao eGaming seal on their website, you will be forwarded to the Curacao eGaming license validation page which says “Operationg status: INVALID”

      If you check sukaslip at the Antillephone license validation page: it says “Operationg status: INVALID”.

      “INVALID” indicates that they never had a license by them, because if they had one and lost it, it says SUSPENDED.

      To assess if I can try to help you, I need more info about this case. Please use Report Issue

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