Dollaro Poker Network + Skins

Several players from skins on the Dollaro Poker Network have reported in the forums during the recent years that withdrawal requests of their balances in the height of up to US $10,000s per account were simply not processed!

In many cases the skins said that the network did not pay them. But how can players assess whether the Dollaro Poker Network did not pay the skins or the skins fools them?

For security reasons, if withdrawal issues are habitually reported, we highly recommend to leave that network, even if your skin has always processed your withdrawal requests in a timely manner.

The problem in such cases is that players usually have no insight into the financial situation of an even reputable operator and things can change daily, especially if a network really does not pay the skins.

Another key question is what interest does a reputable skin has to stay on a shady network?

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