Duckdice scam

duckdice scamVictim deposited 2 BTC to the duckdice scam and 2.4 BTC bonus was added. After he won 5.08 BTC and the total balance was 9.48 BTC, he decided to cancel the bonus to unlock his balance.


1) BONUS | Locked Balance xxx BTC | “The locked balance amount will be substracted from your balance on bonus cancellation or expiration” | CANCEL BONUS

2) Are you sure? | Are you sure you want to cancel your Bonus? The amount of xxx BTC will be substracted from your Balance | CANCEL

duckdice scam

The duckdice scam system asked several times to cancel the bonus and when you agree, not only the bonus but your whole balance including deposit and winnings will be canceled! This is the criminal offense of Fraud by false representation

Legal assessment

Victim clicked the |Cancel Bonus| button and never agreed to cancel his whole balance and therefore duckdice’s move is juridically not valid and they have to give him the account balance like it was prior to click the button.

If the duckdice scam can not do this due to technical reasons, then this is their fault and they have to give him the expected value after fulfillment of the wager requirement.

Your Balance will be locked while bonus is active. You can cancel bonus at any time.
Bonus must be wagered 55x to became a part of your balance.
Wagering contribution is 50% from bet amount.

1) According to your terms, the bonus was not part of his balance, so the 5 BTC win was solely based on his 2 BTC deposit.

2) “Wagering contribution is 50% from bet amount” would mean that the wagering requirement is 110x instead of the stated 55x! 110x is in contradiction to the stated 55x and therefore not juridically valid!

Ozafejyw782’s account stated that 23% are already wagered. But as duckdice illegally counted only 50% of the wagered amount, in reality he already wagered 46% of the 2.4 BTC bonus!

55x wagering of 2.4 BTC bonus = 132 BTC minus 46% (60 BTC) already wagered = 72 BTC left.

1% house edge of 72 BTC to wager = 0.72 BTC loss.

So if you restore his account balance of 9.48 BTC (2 BTC deposit + 5.08 BTC win + 2.4 BTC bonus) and he will wager the remaining 72 BTC to get the bonus, he will statistically lose 0.72 BTC and his account balance will be statistically 8.76 BTC instead of the only 2 BTC deposit you gave him!

Victims’s story about what happened

Scammers Profile Link:;u=917361

Amount Scammed: 9 bitcoin


Nickname: Ozafejyw782

I am their biggest winner:

UPDATE: Duckdice deleted Ozafejyw782 from their Most Profit Stats to hide their scam!

duckdice scam

I am a casino highroller, I like casinos, poker etc.. Today, I played for my first time on I saw on their bitcointalk’s thread that they have a bonus 120%. Let’s try it !

I deposited 2 BTC for my first deposit, claimed a bonus, set up 2FA. I was a bit surprised, I got 2 BTC extra. I thought that will be like a poker bonus to clear. I can see that I have to clear it. Then I thought it will delete only the 2 BTC extra if I delete it.

Let’s gamble! I played and won from 4 bitcoin to 9.xx and 23% bonus cleared. A lot of beggars spammed me in PM. I got more than 20 private messages in 1 hour.

I had to go, I still didn’t trust the website, small, young, not a good reputation (not a bad too). I decided to withdraw but I have my bonus. That’s normal, I cannot withdraw.

I decided to cancel my bonus. Even if I lose my extra 2 BTC. It is safer with a young website like that. I click cancel and are you sure yes in 1 second, without reading anything (My fault) but I never thought there was a shady feature like that. (The proof it is shady, the admin stan talked to me and told me they will change it on monday)

BOOM: 0 balance. I refresh: 0 balance.

I contacted the moderator “barcode”. He was very helpful instead of the other moderators (except “mharckie” helpful as well). He told me to talk to the admin who was “DuckHunt”. He didn’t answer me.

Then, I started to lose my temper and made a scandal in the chat and magic: an admin “Stan” answered me. He explained me that I decided to cancel my bonus and I had to read. The balance is cancelled. I explained him that’s was a shady feature and I just want my account like before: 9.xx BTC balance and 23% bonus cleared. I will clear it and if they are lucky I will lose it.

I asked them if they had enough balance to keep a 10 btc max bet as well (at least 800 BTC) but no links, nothing.

Duckdice scam bonus rules

To claim bonus your balance must be greater or equal to deposit amount.
Your Balance will be locked while bonus is active. You can cancel bonus at any time.
Bonus must be wagered 55x to became a part of your balance.
Wagering contribution is 50% from bet amount.
Reload Bonus can be claimed only twice per day.

Deposit 5 bitcoin and I will see what I can do for you. IS IT A JOKE? They stole 7 BITCOIN from me and now they want 5 MORE?

I wanted to get my money back 9 BITCOIN with the same 23% bonus cleared but now they tried to scam me against their own rules, I want the whole balance on my bitcoin address. I want them to give back the money of all the players who have been f***ed by this shady behavior.


Duckdice scam final decision (meanwhile reversed)

Here is our final decision:

1. Bonus algorithm:

You may not like our Bonus algorithm and if you don’t like it no one is forcing you to claim it. Users are notified about exact amount that will be subtracted from the balance and there is a specially designed confirmation screen where user confirm and agree with this. DuckDice shall not be liable for users who don’t read confirmation screens.

Many members in this thread gave us their insight on how Bonus algorithm should work based on their opinion and we are very grateful to all of them. We may use this expertise in the future but this does not mean that current algorithm is flawed.

2. Refund:

DuckDice will not “negotiate with terrorists”. We see this case as a pure blackmail and therefore DuckDice will not make any refund. There is nothing shady or scammy, it is user’s responsibility to read confirmation messages. Better make a thread and ask how many members won big with our bonuses.

3. Solution:

The initial deposit of user Ozafejyw782 was 2 BTC and we will give this 2 BTC for charity. Transaction id will be added shortly

We have a negative trust because of this case now, but this doesn’t frighten us, we believe that our position is correct and we will just regain user trust.

Doubtless one of the most shady scams I have seen so far! Better register your online casino and sportsbook accounts with Game Protect and collection service is inclusive.

Warning: Duckdice operates under Curacao license scam 1668/JAZ, 365/JAZ, 5536/JAZ and 8048/JAZ

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