Frequently asked questions about online gaming consumer protection

Why Game Protect?

You can read in the forums that players habitually have issues with their online gambling accounts like embezzlement, account frozen, prizes not received, fraud, bots and so on…

  • 99% of the account holders do not know how to enforce their rights

    -> Game Protect knows

  • 99% of the 1% who know how to enforce their rights, are either

    a) Not able to spend a lot of money and time to enforce their claim or

    b) Not willing to spend a lot of money and time to enforce their claim

    -> Game Protect makes it possible to enforce claims for a relatively small contribution.

  • Our online Poker, Sports Betting and Casino account consumer protection service makes it possible to share the burden of the time consuming and expensive investigation and legal proceeding costs. Instead of one victim has to spend a lot of money and time, 1000s of players share the burden cost free or for a small contribution.
  • Even if you are one of the few victims who are able and willing to spend a lot of money and time, you will often need the proof of other victims to show the criminal intent of the gambling operator.

    -> Game Protect collect the proofs and organize the required steps. Together we are strong! 😉

How can I claim and enforce my rights?

There is a lot of false and misleading information spread on forums like “we can not do anything” or “do not throw good money after bad”. But I can inform that almost every jurisdiction in this world has civil and criminal laws. I can furthermore assure that embezzlement, theft or fraud is a criminal offense in all countries that have laws.

Each time someone breached civil or criminal laws, you have of course the right to start a court case or file a criminal complaint at the police to enforce your claim. And believe it or not, this is also valid for online gambling operators!

Can everyone report a gambling account issue?

Yes. Everyone can report an issue with his gaming or betting account here: Report issue. We will use that info for our worldwide gambling operator research and help if possible. But only Game Protect qualified Poker, Sports Betting or Casino account issues are cost free entitled for:

  • Dispute resolution between you and the operators for your Game Protect qualified gaming accounts
  • Lawyer and civil court proceeding, in case you have a valid claim and we can not reach a resolution
  • Lawyer and private investigations, if operators embezzle account balances or players act fraudulent

Do you have any question?

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game protect frequently asked questions