Full Flush Poker scam statement and information about participants

full flush poker scamFull Flush Poker Litigation 70:30 in process, join + claim your money!

Equity Poker Network, Full Flush

A) Pedro Caules Coll purchased the Full Flush Poker scam

Game Protect has proof that Calexico de Capitales INT SL, street Cautivos De Constantinopla 42 2, 07760 (Ciutadella de Menorca) Menorca, Balearic islands, Spain purchased the Full Flush Poker scam February 2016:

  • Sole director is Finances y Transactions Menorca SL, Calle Cautivos De Constantinopla 42 2, 07760 (Ciutadella De Menorca), Menorca, Balearic islands, Spain.
  • Sole partner is Pedro Caules Coll. He is fully liable for the money owed and criminal offenses committed. Pedro Caules Coll probably also committed the criminal offenses of tax evasion and money laundering for the salary he took out of the Full Flush Poker scam.
  • Numero (number) D-U-N-S: 466329010
  • CIF/NIF (tax number): B57910705

B) Playsafe Holding AS was Full Flush Poker scam software provider

They are at least liable based on negligence or even participated actively. Clive Archer (ex CEO) stated that Full Flush Poker did not pay the gaming software fees to Playsafe. As everyone can surely imagine, the software provider fees are the last thing a gaming company will not pay, because without the gaming software = no offer/business.

Hence, not paying the software provider fees, at least strongly indicates that Full Flush Poker did not honour player balances as well! When Playsafe Holding AS do not receive their software license fee, then they are obliged by law to check the status of the operator. 15 minutes google would have revealed that their licensee do not honour player funds = criminal offense of embezzlement!

Without Playsafe’s gaming software delivery, the Full Flush Poker scam would have been not able to continue! And this makes Playsafe Holding AS liable, obviously.

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  1. Quote NOEL: “Hi, recently law firm start asking for 1500$ to be paid upfront which is a contradictory to “cost free”.”

    No, law firm asks for court fees is not contradictory to our offer:

    Quote Game Protect: The litigation proceeding is cost free for you and if we are not able to collect your account balance, your claim is still valid.

    A litigation proceeding has several levels and you received a cost free investigation, legal evaluation and demand letter. Game Protect nowhere states what levels will be included and I also do not know in advance what levels will be required. The action we provided could have lead to payment. Your claim is still valid and you can do whatever you like with it!

    Quote NOEL: “Total amount requested is more than 50k, so I guess if they can take money from fullflush – they would happily work for 30%.”

    How do you know that the proven amount is more than 50k? Did players send you a copy of their claim?

    Quote NOEL: “Asking for money means they view chances extremely close to zero.”

    No, to take the case on contingency basis means that there is a realistic chance to win the case. They would never spend all their time and effort for free, if the chance is close to zero. Based on my knowledge and experience, if a law firm takes a case on contingency fee basis, the expected chance to win and receive money is at least around 25%.

    The law firm asks only for the court fee of the participants. Why should they spend all their time and money and participants get a free ride?

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