Full Flush Poker 70:30 no cure no pay collection

full flush pokerUPDATE 1 March, 2020

All victims still can join the Full Flush Poker 70:30 no cure no pay enforcement proceeding with submitting the info.

If you already submitted your info, please make sure your email address is up-to-date.

14 January, 2017

Full Flush user Agirlinoh submitted her claim of $152,000 and we can start with the proceeding. 🙂

The amount of proved claims reached now US $248,000

Full Flush Poker litigation 70:30 proceeding

Game Protect offers to collect your whole Full Flush Poker account balance. The law firm takes 30% and you will get 70% of any amount they are able to collect.

If you have interest to participate, please send the following info using Support ticket and as reference: Full Flush Poker litigation

a) Your full name

b) Full Flush Poker username

c) Total amount owed

d) Proof of the money owed and pending withdrawal request in form of screenshots or email conversation or chatlogs with customer support

You can join the recovery proceeding even if you have no proof of the full amount owed. But you need at least any kind of proof that they owe you money.


The Curacao licensing requirements demand that as a minimum, player information, financial transactions and game logic must be stored and operated on computer hardware situated within the Curacao e-zone. The gaming server provider of course make a daily backup of the data. So even if you have no proof of your total account balance, your data must be on the daily backups.

Stay tuned for further updates…

36 Responses
    1. Game Protect

      Kahn occassionally offered 30% of your balance in cooperation with Full Flush Poker. We offer 70% = 40% more thru legal action against Full Flush Poker! How can you think we are Khan?

  1. Christopher Magee-Miller

    Yea I have been waiting almost a year for my cash. Since october of 2015. I have only been able to get about 3k off so far. This place is a joke. They sent me an email saying if I want my cash faster than the 7 months ive been waiting on a check that they would cancel my check option and do MG instead.. That was months ago. BS after BS after BS. Then they banned me from posting on their FB page. JOKE OF A SITE

  2. chris

    I am owed over a thousand, i never took a screenshot or spoke to support because i never thought i would have to prove my bankroll so you are just another fucker trying to make people jump thru hoops for there own money

    1. Game Protect

      You will not receive what is owed by itself. In regard to online gaming, it is recommendable to collect proof of your claim, isn’t it? You can also send proof of the deposits you made to Full Flush Poker.

      The Curacao licensing requirement laws demand that as a minimum, player information, financial transactions and game logic must be stored and operated on computer hardware situated within the Curacao e-zone.

      So you probably can claim what is owed because they have to store your info. But at the moment we work only with claimants who have any kind of proof of their claim.

  3. N0EL

    Hi, full flush site and poker network is down for a lot of time, probably forever. Is there any chance to get money back? Maybe some process is going on, it would be nice if You tell us. Thank You.

    1. Game Protect

      Hi Noel,

      To join the litigation proceeding was the best thing you could do, if you would like to see what is owed. There are still a lot of misleaded people on the forums and they will likely not see a dime.

      Please understand that legal action is time consuming, especially if you act against an international structured online gambling licensing scheme. Now you need patience.

  4. kangaroo

    the company owed nearly 50k. I had to wait so long that the company did not pay for toi.do is all that I have, it is destroying my life is the bastard pay

  5. Albert


    I just found an email where they say that they owe me 17+k but they actually owe me 18.5k. I will send it in the email with the rest of the info you require. I would like some more info however about the process but it does seem like this is the best option atm. Write back …

    1. Game Protect

      Hi Albert,

      Thank you for joining the litigation proceeding. Legal action is the only way I can see that could lead to payment, therefore this is definitely the best option atm and likely also in future.

      The legal evaluation is clear and we are now in the stage of enforcement!

  6. Joshua Grover

    Hi this is Account holder of GummieBear. I had over $30,000 U.S. when the site went down. I also was not getting paid for many many months. I sent you guys emails back in the end of October but have not been updated at all. Is there anyone I can call and talk to? I am curious on the progress as well as if there is anything else I can do or that is needed of me to try and retain some of those funds back. Thank you for your efforts and time!

    1. Game Protect

      Hello GummieBear,

      Found it. 🙂 You sent an email without any text message but 13 attachments and in the 13th was the required info a) – e) with your name, etc.

      The progress is that we currently wait for more claimants to join, to make the case attractive on contingency basis.

  7. Michael Allen Nelson

    you can have my whole account of about $4k, all my screenshots are on my old broken screen computer though, my user name was Poncho, quit playing when they quit paying about on june 1st

  8. Marco Trigoso

    Hi my name is Marco Trigoso I had a pending withdrawal on full flush poker of $3000. Is there anyway you guys can help me. Thank you

    1. Game Protect

      There are some blatant lies!

      1) There is no group of concerned affiliates and poker sites. Affiliate Professional Rakeback aka kahntrutahn on 2+2 is behind this statement. There is a hidden link to his website in the last paragraph if you hover over poker sites.

      What do you think which poker site should be concerned about the Full Flush Poker scam? The answer is zero point zero.

      2) Quote: “We are not associated with the prior owners”. Of course is he associated with the prior owners! He met the owners / management, had a special account balances buy deal and continued to promote this scam while it was very obvious that player funds are embezzled.

      3) The domain fullflushpoker.com is for sale

      What do you have to say about the info on fullflushpoker.com?

  9. ryan

    my name is Ryan, sn was rhyno06, i had roughly 5kish, but i dont have a way to prove anything.. i never took any pictures or thought i would need too… how do i retrieve any info if their website and poker app doesnt work

    1. Game Protect

      If you deposited money using payment service providers like Credit Card, Neteller or Skrill, then you can see the transactions in your Credit Card, Neteller or Skrill account or request them from the support for the past 5 years.

      1. ryan

        no i only did cash deposits, take you guys are never taking it to court anyways. sad how sites run in the middle of the night with your money, and personal info. hell i just want the time i wasted of my life playing on a site that never planned to pay people. and how they went out of their way that last week to run some special freeroll and how that was just a sham to draw in one last deposite from people. scummmm

        1. Game Protect

          No idea what “take you guys are never taking it to court anyways” means, because legal action is fully in process?

          The Curacao licensing laws demand that the operator has to store the player information and financial transactions. So if you do not have it, the operator must have it.

    1. Game Protect

      The case is progressing and all those who joined our litigation offer (over 30 victims) are automatically in and just have to wait. The participants will surely post in the forums after receipt of their money.

      Curacao eGaming recently had to confirm that the seal status is not to be accepted as valid license certificate and this confirms that we are on the right path. Read the whole story here:

      Curacao license scam 1668/JAZ, 365/JAZ, 5536/JAZ and 8048/JAZ

  10. Ashley Reed

    I played at the Full Flush Poker site ,, username:- SmoktDonk22 ,,,
    Had $3500 USD in that account, when they disappeared with everyone`s Player Funds.

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