Gamebet scam confiscates 1900 Euro without showing proof!

gamebet scamThe victim deposited 942 Euro to the gamebet scam sportsbook. After some successful bets, his total balance reached 1922 Euro. Operator of is Service Group Limited, incorporated in Malta. The other sevices of the gamebet scam claim to operate under the 5536/JAZ Curaçao license.

More info about Curaçao licenses: Curacao license scam 1668/JAZ, 365/JAZ, 5536/JAZ and 8048/JAZ

Shortly after the bettor requested a withdrawal, he was accused of involvement in arbitrage betting. But like everyone can see none of the bets placed guaranteed winnings! Sounds familiar? As long as you lose, no questions asked and nothing is breached. Only if you win, you are at risk of breaching the terms and conditions of the operator.

Gamebet scam assisted by Malta Gaming Authority

The gamebet scam victim was not aware of doing anything wrong and reported the issue to the MGA. Here is their response:

The operator provided information and data which is extracted from their internal systems.

This they do as part of the ongoing investigations that the MGA orders when a player complaint is received.

This information is of a sensitive nature and cannot be provided to the player as is your case.

In your specific case, the information was passed to the MGA and examined in detail so as to confirm the Operator’s explanation of events.

From the Authority’s end, it was determined that the Operator acted in accordance to the regulations and Terms and Conditions.

Below please find their Terms and Conditions which clearly states that:

Rule 10.1 Bookmaker company has the right not to accept bets from any person without giving any reason and reserves the right to close or temporarily block the accounts of individual Users without prior notice.

Rule 29.11. In the case of suspicion of fraud (multi-account, the use of any software for automated betting, playing in arbitration situations, if the game account is not used for betting and other products offered by the bookmaker network, abuse of loyalty programs, etc.), the bookmaker network may suspend operations and / or payment of funds on the gaming account for the duration of the verification of gaming activities until its end.

We wish to remind you that when you created your account you agreed to adhere to the Terms and Conditions and therefore the MGA cannot offer you further support with this specific case seeing that you had agreed to such Terms. We will have to consider the complaint case closed.

Malta Gaming Authority incompetent or biased?

The Malta Gaming Authority appears to be completely incompetent, because there are 2 basic rules:

1) Malta civil and criminal laws stand above private terms and conditions. Hence, if the gamebet scam T&C are not in accordance with Malta laws, it is irrelevant whether or not a player agreed to it. In such cases those parts are simply not valid!

2) The one who accuses someone for doing something wrong has to show the proof. It is not sufficient to show documents to the completely incompetent MGA as proof to confiscate money!

In regard to Rule 10.1: The operator has of course the right not to accept bets from any person without giving any reason. But the gamebet scam has surely not the right to close or temporarily block the accounts of individual users without prior notice, if there is money on it or there are pending bets!

Gamebet scam embezzles 4745 Euro

Gamebet scam victim: I am having problems with Gamebet not paying out my 4745 Euro. I have contacted MGA about this almost 3 months ago and they have done absolutely nothing about this. I have send and received more than 30 emails with them, given them the screenshots and documents of what is happening, but have not heard from them for over a month.

The Gamebet scam is still using the MGA licence. Their site is working and players can deposit money and play, while they are not processing any withdraws. I have a pending skrill withdraw for 2 months now! They simply do not answer or reply to any emails and MGA does nothing about this.


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