Legal expert IHasTehNutz makes accusations about Game Protect

IHasTehNutz on 2+2

For what it’s worth, and I honestly have no clue what or who the heck is behind the Game Protect website, please don’t offer your info or pay money to people claiming they can ‘protect’ your money in offshore online gaming sites.

If they truly were interested in pursuing legal options for players seeking money owed to them by shady operators, they wouldn’t have “partner site” affiliate links on their website.

Let me summarize your brain wash theory:

1) Game Protect nowhere claims to protect money in offshore online gaming sites! This is technically not possible and absolute nonsense!

2) If we were truly interested in pursuing legal options, we would not offer to Qualify free and only ask for donations?

IHasTehNutz recommend: Run, run fast!

This statement right here should be enough to warn you away:

Criminal online gambling operators embezzled and defrauded US $300 million from unaware account holder and Game Protect investigation reveals that there are more ticking time bombs on the market!

If you have enough from Sports Betting, Casino and Online Poker scam, we greatly recommend to register your online gaming or betting account with any of our accepted partner sites and sleep better!

Which part specifically should warn players away? Sorry, but I can not follow your brain wash theory?

The possibility to qualify free for time consuming and expensive online gaming consumer protection service should warn them away?! Instead they should continue getting defrauded and moan in forums to get their money?

As long as there are scams going on, there will be people praying on those being scammed to further scam them.

As long as there are scams going on, there will be brain washers like you misleading the victims not to enforce their claim through legal options!

As you are obviously an enforcement expert in going after criminal online gambling operators, what is your strategy to fight against the ongoing scams and protect players as best as possible?

I haven’t done research, but it screams shady to me!

Again, I haven’t done research into these people or know anything beyond some odd posts I’ve seen in this forum from persons linking to this site. But it screams shady to me and I wouldn’t recommend trusting them – especially when it comes to paying up front for whatever “services” they proport to offer.

legal expert

So you even did not make any research before you decided to add your two cents? First bla bla and then maybe make an incompetent research about this bla bla story later? That is exactly the way how trustworthy and professional investigative experts work. 😀

Out of curiosity: If having affiliate links screams shady to you, why did you work for an affiliate? lol

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