.io domain websites or projects owe you money?

io domainWe are currently in the process of collecting claims from .io domain operators. If an .io domain operator owes you money, please submit your claim using Support ticket?

Our years long research confirms that .io domains are widely used by illegal and criminal online casinos and sportsbooks! Any kind of other scam projects like ponzi schemes, ICOs or crypto currency exchanges also love to use .io domains.

Guess why? Because the top level domain owner Internet Computer Bureau does not care if the website operators scam people worldwide. The top level domain owner only cares that the money in its pocket is correct.

Many .io websites do not state the operator or a license to hide the owner and liable parties behind the service. But if you do not know to who you sent your money, from who will you enforce your money? So without knowing the operator or having a license it is difficult and sometimes even impossible to collect your claim.

No operator or license stated

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