Lock Poker 15 million embezzled, join our 50:50 litigation offer now!

lock poker

Lock Poker litigation

If you want join the Lock Poker litigation 50:50 offer, please send the following info using Report Issue and as reference: Lock Poker litigation

a) Your full name

b) Lock Poker username

c) Total amount owed

d) Proof of your claim or pending withdrawals in form of screenshots or email conversation with the support

e) I, (…your full name…) give game-protect.com the order to collect my whole Lock Poker account balance and agree that game-protect.com will take 50% of any amount I will receive.

Eric Lynch – Lock Poker Room Manager

November 3, 2016

Legal info

Lock Poker is not only obliged to cash out any or all of the account balances at any time by its own Terms of Service, but they are also obliged to do this by laws. Operators are not allowed to use player deposits for business or private expenses. They can only take the fees for providing its service and losses out of the player funds.

Lock Poker closed owing over US $15 million confirms that management embezzled player funds!

Liezl Tengco had the support centre in Vancouver. She gave false and misleading time frames about withdrawals to collect new deposits and motivate existing players continue to play and waste their valuable time. In reality, withdrawals were very delayed or non existent for most customers (except pros). This is clearly the criminal offense of Fraud by false representation!

Please note that organized crime usually is time-barred after 10 years. Embezzlement, fraud, promote or participate in a fraud not before 5 years. Action is still in process and we are confident that we can hold the liable parties accountable.

Lock Poker Business Plan extract with main participants


Lock Casino’s facilities will comprise: its corporate headquarters, operational infrastructure and
servers in Curacao Antilles, with marketing co-ordination and a main member support centre in Vancouver.


The gaming license is held in the Curacao Antilles and owned by a private foundation from the same
jurisdiction. All company banking is conducted in Andorra.

Executive Summary

  • Jennifer Larson – Founder & CEO
    Jennifer is a true entrepreneur. With over 15 years of experience founding and operating both online and brick-and-mortar businesses. Jennifer has extensive experience building business from concept to execution – in industries such as architecture and online gaming.

    Her ability to adapt and evolve in new environments has given her an edge and success in online business. Jennifer has consulted with many multi-million dollar companies – including BMW, Hallmark, NSI Canada and Intrawest – implementing advanced productivity and management initiatives.

    As Bodog’s Global Director of Internet Marketing, Jennifer managed the overall success of all
    Marketing strategies, programs, and campaigns for all channels – focusing on high ROI initiatives. Jennifer recently launched an online poker room, Lock Poker (www.lockpoker.com) based out of Curacao, Antilles.

  • Lock Poker manager Brendan Young

  • Brendan Young – COO
    Brendan has been working in online design and development for 14 years. With experience
    ranging from backend database development including SAP MRP implementations to all aspects of front-end interface design, print design and photography.

    Brendan’s far-reaching grasp of the complete development/design cycle allows for agile prototype and execution from concept to completion. Brendan has worked for a range of industries from international law firms to industrial design firms.

    For the last 2 years Brendan worked in the Internet Marketing department at Bodog, leading
    innovative permission marketing online campaigns involving social media and search engine marketing. Brendan was involved in all aspects of design and delivery – focusing on measured, result driven campaigns.

  • Liezl Tengco – Director of General Operations
    Liezl has earned her Bachelors in Science and Diploma in Web Design and Computer
    Programming. After completion of school, she worked for an online hotel business as their sole web designer and more recently for Bodog(for the last 3.5 years).

    In less than 4 years, Liezl has moved up from customer service representative to CS trainer, then joined Bodog’s 1st Internet Marketing Team filling a wide range of positions such as Junior SEO, Senior SEO, Team Coordinator and Project Manager.

    Liezl is knowledgeable in all aspects of Internet Marketing, including Domain Management, Link
    Building, Social Networking and Search Engine Marketing, Her recent work on Bodog’s Internet Marketing team contributed to the 400+ “page 1” rankings, for competitive keywords, in all product channels, translating to a 500% increase in traffic.

    She had also worked closely with the managers at her previous establishment to fill team requirements and positions, matching tasks to the right people. Liezl has seen 95% of her projects through to fruition and many of the project and team standards that are present today can be attributed to her.

  • Bryce Vincent Geoffrey – Legal Counsel
    Bryce is an internationally recognized expert in gaming law. He has been a lawyer for almost 20 years and is called to the Bar in multiple jurisdictions. He has acted for some of the largest companies in online gaming as counsel and in a business development role.
  • Elliot Wiltshire – CTO
    Elliot is a systems developer with over 10 years as an IT professional. Elliot’s skill set includes database, security, and UNIX system administration, software development in a variety of languages, and search engine optimization.

    The majority of Elliot’s work experience has been in the gaming industry. Elliot built Bodog’s first data warehouse and automated sportsbook player classifier, which determined if a player is ‘sharp’ (professional) after analyzing a player’s first 10 sports wagers.

    Elliot holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Computing Science with a concentration in Mathematics. He is also GIAC GSEC certified, and an active vulnerability researcher with several publicized vulnerabilities in software such as PHP and ClamAV. Elliot has also published an article in 2600 (The Hacker Quarterly) on breaking online poker software with man-in-the-middle attacks.

  • Pilar Catala – Director of E-Commerce
    Pilar Catala is an ecommerce professional who has designed and implement payment systems for the online entertainment industry. She has over 8 years experience in eCommerce and has built an extensive eCommerce platform for one of the top brands in the space. Prior to being involved in ecommerce, Pilar spent over 8 years as an IT professional and has extensive experience web systems.
  • Craig Taylor – Senior Director of Casino Operations
    Craig has over 16 years of experience in land based casinos where he has held the positions of Croupier, Pit Boss, Floor Manager, Casino Shift Manager and Gaming Consultant. He has managed casinos from Vancouver to Lithuania, designing and delivering training, implementing and monitoring policies and procedures, and ensuring the most effective management practices are in use.

    Craig has been involved in three casino start-up projects focusing on the management of casino operations. Craig has managed poker rooms and has extensive expertise with all Casino games.

    Most recently he held the position of Casino Business Manager with Bodog Casino. His term with Bodog rounded out his gaming expertise where he led a multi-disciplined Casino team, and was responsible the management of the casino software, game features and functions. Craig focused on the vendor relationship management, most specifically with the software provider Realtime Gaming.

  • Derrick Maloney – Senior Director of Marketing
    Derrick is a Marketing professional with over 8 years of experience, specializing in Media. Derrick’s career centers primarily around buying and planning all forms of media with a focus on Direct Response Advertising. In addition Derrick brings years of experience in market expansion and development in North America as well as Internationally.

    Derrick’s most recent position as Director of Marketing with Bodog had him managing multi-functional teams within the Marketing department as well as overseeing the execution of campaigns for Sportsbook, Casino and Poker. Prior to this, as International Media Director, Derrick was responsible for budgets in excess of $30 million annually building strong relationships with advertising agencies and media outlets worldwide.



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  1. I’ve got $6,000 on that site still, and have been awaiting payment since April 2014. It is absolutely ridiculous. Those scums. Especially their support team always telling me they’ll be paying soon, that my payment is in the 2nd of 3rd stage of processing. BLAH BLAH BLAH. They told me it takes 6-8 weeks to cashout a check. Well, what a terrible lie. I hope they make the owners pay their players one day.

    1. Based on the info and documents we have, we are confident that the responsible parties will be held accountable.

      6-8 weeks was the standard saying by Liezl Tengco with her support centre in Vancouver, while she knew that the deposits were already embezzled!

  2. Step 1

    Prove the participation in the Lock Poker scam scheme.

    Step 2

    Request enforcement orders against participants of the Lock Poker scam scheme and try to collect. The one or other participant, when he realizes that he has lost, might has interest in an extrajudicial agreement. Depending on the jurisdiction, enforcement orders are valid up to 30 years!

    The debt collection can be also included in the criminal court proceedings. In this case, the offender was sentenced to pay back £1 million to the victims or otherwise get another 6 years in prison.

  3. Just found this link
    I’m owed roughly 35k.
    Have screenshots and tons of emails.
    I will gladly do 50/50 split if you collect the $.
    Please contact me.

  4. i´m owed half a million dollars. i have a few support emails were withdrawals are discussed, but nothing that shows or proves my whole balance i had on there

  5. Thank you for working this! They reached into players accounts and spent their balance. Is this not a serious problem by principle? Do we live in a world where that is OK.

    Craig Taylor, from the Lock Poker executive team, went to work for Virtuasoft which is releasing a new gambling site in less than 30 days.

    1. Yes it is a serious problem, when $10s of million are easily embezzled. At least for those who would like to have it. Based on my experience, the majority simply eat the loss and that’s it for them. Those who want their money back would need to unite and battle together, because such proceedings are very time consuming and expensive.

      Embezzlement and fraud are definitely criminal offenses in the licensing jurisdictions and victims can of course try to enforce their claim. The problem is the strong propaganda on forums against claiming your money, rather than the lack of laws and possibilities.

      The religion is: “We can’t do anything” and I would not be surprised if over 90% of the victims have no proof of their claim anymore. So if you can not claim your money because you have no proof, don’t forget to say thank you to IHasTehNutz, with his worthless Lock Poker pending withdrawals report.

      1. I have plenty of proof, I have the original emails and all the email conversations I had with them. But my claim is only for hundreds of dollars, I would hope someone who was owed more would have their email history and they must have certainly had much more correspondence over their due.

        My concern is not regarding my money, but the principle. There will be no progress without trust. If people can’t trust online brokers they will start hoarding, and money is no more useful than paper when it’s not changing hands.

        Obviously this only seems to be an issue with sites labeled as “Gambling” rather than “Investment”. This is what really gets me. Somehow by using another word for the same thing, they pass under the radar?

  6. Worthless, eh. I imagine the dozens of emails between myself and Lock, and the hundreds of PM messages between myself and those on the report, paint a pretty clear picture of what happened. Almost 400 people were on that report – that is no ‘worthless’ amount of people. One is too many. But I don’t expect you to understand.

    By the way, I don’t work for anyone in the affiliate business. I used to work for an affiliate in terms of creating graphics, content, and SEO for his website. But I never ‘shilled’ for anyone and never told anyone to deposit anywhere. Might want to actually check out some facts before you post idle nonsense. 😉

    1. Legal expert IHasTehNutz makes accusations about Game Protect

      Your cashout report is good for the 2+2 poker show, but worthless for enforcement action!

      Despite of this, 30-40 victims on your report is enough to show that Lock Poker is a criminal operation. Hence, no idea how number 30-400 would be anyhow more worthy, especially as you did not collect proof or at least advised victims to do so.

      You worked for an affiliate and it does not matter if you only created graphics, content and SEO for his website to recruit customers or if you directly shilled or told anyone to register thru that affiliate.

      “I only produced the drugs and gave it to the seller, but I never told anyone to buy or sold directly to customers.”
      Pretty sure you got it 😉

      While accusing Game Protect to be a scam because we offer to Qualify free itself is absurd. But it is more absurd to make such a statement while you yourself worked for an affiliate!

      IHasTehNutz: “Might want to actually check out some facts before you post idle nonsense. ”

      This would be a good advise for you! 😉 But as your sole intent is to attack and bad mouth Game Protect, this will never happen. Despite of this, no idea how someone without legal knowledge think to be able to analyse the legitimacy of online gaming consumer protection service?

  7. Janne Kryger Nielsen

    I requested a withdrawal of $ 10,000 from Lock Poker which I never received.

    Please let me know if the legal action is still in process and I will send your proof (screen shoot and email correspondence).

    1. Yes, legal action is still in process and please use Report Issue to submit your claim. I will give you an email address to forward the email correspondence separately.

  8. Fernando Martinez

    Can you please send me what I need to do to claim the money that lock poker owes me. Thank you,

    1. Submit the following info using Report Issue

      a) Your full name

      b) Lock Poker user name

      c) Total amount owed

      d) Proof of the money owed and pending withdrawal request in form of screenshots or email conversation(s) with support (aka Liezl Tengco)

      e) I, (…your full name…) give game-protect.com the order to collect my Lock Poker account balance and agree that game-protect.com will take 50% of any amount I will receive.

  9. Any update on this case and estimated timeframe to see the money?

    Thank you,

    Richard chang

    1. Expected within the next months.

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