UK National Liberal Party became first to adobt Crypto Consumer Policy

London: The National Liberal Party (NLP) which champions individual liberty, economic and political self-determination and direct democracy worldwide has become the first UK political party to introduce a coherent forward-looking policy on crypto currency.

Its policy recognizes that crypto currency can be a key component of economic self-determination by offering alternatives to government and big bank dominated financial systems. They also favor effective self-regulation of crypto markets, establishment of a fund for victims of crypto currency scams, and prevention of illegal activities like money laundering.

The NLP is critical of both of the do-nothing crypto currency policy of the current Conservative government which has allowed swindlers and criminals using crypto currency to run amok at the expense of victims and likewise opposes the Labour Party policy which sees crypto currency as a threat big government to be interdicted and banned.

National Liberal Party criticises the UK and EU

The NLP has been strongly critical of the UK and EU governments unwillingness to assist victims of crypto fraud. One of the lawyers cooperating with Game Protect also has zeroed in on criminal activity in the Crown controlled .IO domain (British Indian Ocean Territory) and abuse of the Companies House register by crypto criminals. He is currently seeking the establishment of a £10 billion fund in the European Union to compensate victims of crypto swindlers from the Nakamoto founder coins on the Bitcoin ledger.

The entire National Liberal Party crypto policy can be read on its website. The NLP urges all crypto currency users to join the NLP as the only political party that shares their vision for a viable and healthy crypto economy. Its members active in the United Kingdom with outreach to other countries and is registered with the UK Electoral Commission. The NLP has run candidates for European Parliament and in the General Elections and is currently seeking 25 candidates to stand for election in the 2020 Greater London Assembly elections.

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