Neteller knowingly sends money to illegal online casinos!

NetellerHere is the great conversation between Game Protect and Neteller Team:

1) GP: I contact you on behalf of Neteller account holder ID …

XX has an account at the online gambling website with the ID …

You sent money to the website on behalf of XX and I kindly ask you to show the valid license for

Neteller Team: Your email address is not registered to a NETELLER Account and we have no way of being certain that we are corresponding with the account holder.

Please click here to resubmit your question using the email address registered with your NETELLER Account. We will respond as soon as possible.

2) GP: I have no Neteller account and do not plan to open one.

I have a general question in regards to your operations:

You send money to the gambling website and I kindly ask you to show me the gambling license for this website?

The website claims that they operate under the 1668/JAZ license issued to 1XCorp N.V., but when I check on Curacao eGaming validation page it says “Operating status: UNKNOWN”

Are you authorized by the laws of the Isle of Man to process money to illegal gambling sites without a valid gambling license?

Merchant Support: We were forwarded the below e-mail and would like to assist you further.

Could you please advise if you were a client of theirs and are just reporting this to let us know?

Furthermore, please be kindly advised that we cannot distribute any of our merchant’s licenses as that would be considered confidential documentation.

3) GP: I am neither a client of nor a client of Neteller and I contacted you to find out who the licensor of is?

Game Protect received the order from Neteller account holder ID … to collect his account balance in the height of 3,300 Euro (I will forward his order separately).

The website (to where you send money) commits the criminal offense of false representation and it is absolutely unclear who their licensor is?

They claim to operate under the 1XCorp N.V. license: is owned and operated by Techinfusion Limited, Gibraltar (Company number 112041), which is the contracting company of 1X Corp N.V., holding the Curacao license No. 1668/JAZ. The license was issued by an organization authorized by the government of Curacao.

But when you check you will see that only the website operates under the 1XCorp N.V. license.

Furthermore, when you check directly at it says “Operating status: UNKNOWN”

They furthermore claim to have a 5536/JAZ license, but this statement is not verifiable and when I put 5536/JAZ and into google, there is no result.

However, if they have a license from Curacao, then the Curacao licensing laws say that the licensor is liable and this is why I need to know who their licensor is?

There is probably a misunderstood, but I only ask for the publicly available general licensing information like 1XCorp N.V. and its licensed websites and not confidential information. denied to tell to Neteller account holder ID … where they are licensed.

Please furthermore note that if you knowingly process money to a website that commits criminal offenses, then this makes you liable as well.

I have the transaction history of Neteller account holder ID … and I find it very strange that the withdraws from the website are called account withdraw? Because the operator of is 1XCorp N.V.and they have clearly no license for the website

If you are not authorized by the Isle of Man laws to process money to illegal gambling sites without a valid gambling license, then you are also liable for the damages.

But so far you ignored this question?

Skrill Merchant Services: Thank you for contacting Skrill Merchant Services,

With regards to your inquiry we would like to inform you that it has been forwarded to the relevant department.

Should you require further assistance or in case further queries arise, please do not hesitate to contact us again.
Email: [email protected]

4) GP: This isssue is about Neteller and not Skrill.

5) GP: Neteller VIP meanwhile confirmed that betandyou is 1xbet’s website:

Dear XX,

Please note that betandyou is 1xbet’s website. In such case we kindly advise you to contact the Curacao eGaming regulator.

As you can check by yourself at , the operator 1XCorp N.V. has only a license for the website and the website operates illegal without a valid license!

This means that we can not hold the licensor liable, as there is none! But as Neteller sends money to an illegal gambling site, you are liable! Are you willing to compensate the damage? If yes, please send bitcoin worth 3,300 Euro to the bitcoin address: 19zkL9bAbmZjZq1sZgo3SpM9iZVeRajVL3

I already sent you the order from Neteller account holder ID … to collect his whole account balance.

6) GP: Who is the relevant department at Neteller to check the validity of licenses for the gambling sites you process money to?

Game Protect has proof and info that the sub-licenses based on 1668/JAZ, 365/JAZ, 5536/JAZ and 8048/JAZ have no legal basis and that you have to stop processing money to those illegal gambling sites.

Merchant Support: Many thanks, team, For the provided information.

The relevant Compliance department was informed – they may come back to you with some additional questions.​

Merchant Support: This is a follow up e-mail on the below. In order to help our investigation, could you please confirm the exact websites?

7) GP: Here is a not complete list of gambling websites that claim to operate with a sub-license that rely on the Curacao main licenses 1668/JAZ, 365/JAZ, 5536/JAZ or 8048/JAZ: | Most of them offer Neteller as payment option.

Here is a partial explanation why those sub-licenses are not valid:

Curacao licensing laws require for example that the bank account has to be in Curacao and player info and transactions has to be stored. Both is not the case!

The sub-license contract with the main license holder itself claims “…to grant any third party under its responsibility and authority a non-exclusive right to exploit Games of Chance”

Game Protect has proof that 1668/JAZ and 8048/JAZ denied any responsibility and 8048/JAZ even said that they do not know the sub-license holder.

Opposed to the Curacao license law requirements, there is no supervision!

To check the validity of those sub-licenses you need to take a look at the master-licenses, sub-license contracts and read the Curacao license laws. Thereafter you will realize that those sub-licenses have no legal basis and all those sites operate illegal!

Merchant Support: Many thanks of the additional information provided. We appreciate your feedback and cooperation on the matter. It has been forwarded to the relevant team for further investigation.

8) GP: Thank you and who is the relevant team?

I want to check if Neteller has withdrawn sending money to those illegal gambling operations and based on the info we have Neteller has often stopped to simply respond.

Merchant Support: We have investigation and compliance team into place who deal with such concerns. They would perform all necessary checks and take the appropriate actions. Not in one point we have stopped communication with you and we appreciate your kind assistance.

9) GP: I informed you with email from October 19 that operates illegal without a license and asked you if you are willing to compensate the damage in the height of 3,300 and received no answer.

Game Protect also received an email that the case was forwarded to Skrill, even though this is a Neteller case.

Game Protect has also info and proof from other victims that you gave them the runaround and denied any responsibility/compensation.

I await the update from your investigation team and Game Protect has all required documents and info on hand to show that the Curacao sub-licenses have no legal basis. But I will not wait too long. Your runaround games that you played with other victims will not work with Game Protect!

Merchant Support: Could you please advise if you have a NT merchant account with us? In case you do, please confirm the 5-digits or less MID.

In addition and in regards to the compensation you have enquired about, please let us know if you have any specific transactions in mind.

Neteller sends money to hundreds of illegal online casinos

Curacao license scam 1668/JAZ, 365/JAZ, 5536/JAZ and 8048/JAZ

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