Online Casino Scams!

This list shows only a fraction of all existing online casino scams and websites not stating the operator or a valid license! Report all online casino scams or websites not stating the operator or a valid license here.

Many players do not care to which online casino or sportsbook they send their money! But if they do not know to who they sent their money, from who will they enforce the money? Without knowing the operator or having a license it is difficult and sometimes even impossible to collect your claim.

Therefore your sole option to reduce your risk of getting scammed to a minimum is to register your online casino or sportsbook account with Game Protect. That does not guarantee that you will not get scammed, but since over 5 years no one who registered their accounts with us got scammed. In case an operator will try to scam you, the costs of the collection proceeding are paid by us.

Online casino scams

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online casino scams