Ourgame Poker Scam!

The first sentence of the “License Agreement” confirms the Ourgame Poker scam:


Please read carefully the following legally binding agreement between www,ourgame.poker and you…

It is juridical not possible to have a legally binding agreement with a domain name! Legally binding agreements are only possible between legal entities or private persons. The “License Agreement” also does neither state the name of the operator nor the gambling license (if any exist), nothing!

ourgame poker scam

Despite of this, Ourgame Poker offers too good to be true promotions with $5,000 Deposit Bonus, $20,000 Rake Races, $10,000 Random Prizes and $77,500 Jackpots! Evidence to have the funds?

If you have already deposited money to the Ourgame Poker scam, we recommend to request to reverse the payment(s). Inform your payment service provider (PSP) that you were misleaded and a legally binding agreement does not exist.

Payments without any legally binding contract are not acceptable! This should be against the Terms of Service of your PSP. Furthermore, I would appreciate if you could send the name of the PSP receiver account to Game Protect. Thank you!

Ourgame Poker scam victims report

Victims have already started to report that they do not receive what is owed, what you can find here:


Still no 5k withdrawal. Wrote the money off and charged back my deposit. ****ers.

While Game Protect discovered within 5 minutes that Ourgame Poker is a scam, Professional Cheat aka How Quaint – kahntrutahn is not sure if they are legit or not:


Professional Cheat:

Well, our general practice with new sites is to test them privately in house for a few months to see if we’re comfortable offering them to other people. If we aren’t comfortable with our own money on there (mainly mine and that of my horses) then we don’t offer it to other people. However, I’m working 80-100 hours a week, getting married, have multiple travel plans etc.

This new site gave me the perfect opportunity to do some testing. Firstly, we don’t KNOW that it is a scam. In fact, tonight, someone on 2+2 posted that they got a cashout. Whether it’s true or not we’ll have to wait and see from others, but it could simply be that this company is ignorant of the US market and needs help. I’m not betting heavily on it being legit, but I could be wrong.

From the Pokerfraudalert.com Forum:

Oh no! Ukranian authorities are coming after me!

Sender: Akmas group B.V.
E-commerce Park Vredenberg Z/N

For the record: Administration of website http://pokerfraudalert.com

concerning content of the website

Dear Administration of site http://pokerfraudalert.com/

Company Akmas group B.V. is owner of poker-room “Ourgame poker” that works in sphere of gambling games.

Your site, contents information, that discredit business reputation of “Ourgame poker” and business reputation of our company. According to your site our company wants to use trust of our clients to fraudulently receive profit.

Such information can be found here:

Please notice, that information is not correspond to facts and has negative influence on business relations between” Ourgame poker”, clients and partners.

In this regard, please, delete that discussion from forum, and all messages of users consider as gossip and slander against ”Ourgame poker” with aim to spoil our business reputation for personal advantage.

In case of ignore, we will have to involve Ukrainian Authorities with aim to solve that situation in Court.

Company Akmas group B.V.


Ironic, though, that this thread was started by a scammer himself — HowQuaint aka Jonathan Brown.

E-commerce Park Vredenberg Z/N is in Curacao, but the company “Akmas group B.V.” do not exist!


Involve Ukrainian Authorities is a great joke! 🙂 They even do not know that this “Ourgame poker” show exist…

Further info at Pokerfraudalert.com Forum:

Interestingly, I found this small article online that says “The brothers IvanukhNikolay and Aleksander, are the founders of fake Ourgame and that they purposely made their Poker network logo “look Chinese” and chose the name Ourgame.poker to target unsuspecting Chinese players (who presumably had heard of the legit Ourgame).

The article also claims that the site:

– uses the old DohaPoker Network (and even photoshopped the DohaPoker licence to like like it belongs to
– is filled with bots that will quickly beat players out of real $$$
– had its owner Nikolay Ivanukh contact affiliates in person and threaten them in case they disclosed his personal
info to the third parties
– may put a trojan horse onto the computer of a player who chooses to download the software


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