Pornhub Casino scam confiscates $6,600 without legit reason

I’ve been a customer at Pornhub Casino scam since September 2016. For 6 months everything was alright. Never had an issue with deposits, betting or withdrawals. Customer support has always been great.

Two weeks ago from one day to another I was not able to make withdrawals anymore. The option in the cashier menu had been disabled.

The support didn’t answer on my e-mails since then. Today Mr. Erik Wolf, the CTO of Pornhub Casino scam, sent me an e-mail that my account “has been banned for illegal bet activity”.

I asked the Pornhub Casino scam what he’s talking about but they didn’t reply yet.

I have 6,619.15 USD left on my account.

Just another horror story from one of those BetConstruct scammers. I mean, I knew the risks but the site seemed to be legit. There has not been any negative review so far, the connection to Pornhub let me believe they could belong to the sort of BetConstruct sportsbooks which are reliable (few of them are). I played 1,217 bets within 6+ months, made several withdrawals of 15k in total. Every single withdrawal has been processed within 1-2 working days. I did not use any bonus or promotion offers as I never do at any sportsbook. The betting limits were credible (two digit to lower three digit amounts on small markets). There were absolutely no scam indications – except of being a partner of Armenian software developers BetConstruct who are powering many many scammers out there.


Pornhub Casino scam updates

The licensor (Curacao E-Gaming) did not reply for 2 months. They are completely ignoring my e-mails.

After reminding the licensor over and over again they finally did reply yesterday. Few hours later the betting company made a statement (after ignoring 47 of my e-mails in the last 2 months).

6 weeks after the licensor’s first reply and no update by the licensor since then.

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  1. d walker

    These guys are total scammers. Remember their main business pornhub casino is literally a site that steals other peoples content. they have no morals and will steal your money

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