Powerbet scam 75:25 litigation in process, join + claim your money!

powerbet scam4 victims joined the Powerbet scam litigation attempt, but Swissbet did not respond and did not send the account balances.

Domain registrar for bettings.ch is Yan Rozum, Avenue General-Guisan 36, 1700 Fribourg, Switzerland. Yan Rozum is also the upper manager for Swiss Interactive Software GmbH, Avenue Beauregard 12, 1700 Fribourg, Switzerland.

We offer to file criminal complaints in Switzerland + follow up with authorities for only 5% of your claim.

Previous Powerbet scam 75:25 litigation offer

Game Protect offers to collect your whole balance from the powerbet scam! We will take 25% and you will get 75% of any amount we are able to collect. If our litigation attempt will not lead to success, nothing has happened and your powerbet scam claim is still valid.

If you have interest to participate in our Powerbet scam litigation 75:25 offer, please

1) Send the following info using Support Ticket and as reference: Powerbet litigation

a) Powerbet username

b) Total amount owed

c) Date of the last payment

d) Proof of the money owed and pending withdrawal request(s) in form of screenshots or email conversation or chatlogs

e) I, (…powerbet.io username…) give game-protect.com the order to collect my powerbet.io account balance and agree that game-protect.com will take 25% of any amount powerbet.io will send to Game Protect.

f) Did the Powerbet scam inform you why they do not process your withdrawal request?

2) After Game Protect accept to collect your claim, send an email to [email protected] and inform them that you gave game-protect.com the order to collect your whole account balance.

Some of the previous Powerbet scam issues

It appears that the Powerbet scam has cut the communication and there are several scam accusations on BitcoinTalk.org:

4 BTC owed

It seems that Withdrawals have been frozen. Even small amounts. I have had one waiting for a week now.

I’ve tried to contact them through Support and through Twitter. No response.

Has anyone been able to withdrawal in the last few days?

9 BTC owed

I have problem with powerbet.io. My account balance is more than 9 BTC and they don’t allow me to pay out my bitcoins.

I am unable to withdraw funds because my account has been flagged for investigation regarding “kind off” multi-accounting suspicion.

6 BTC owed

powerbet.io took from me 5.2 BTC he did not let me withdraw it and keep HOLD it
that a shame;;; beware guys http://store6.up-00.com/2017-04/14915785768671.png

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  1. They keep about 1.5-2 btc and don’t pay them and never respond to any e-mail. now unable to login

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