Primedice scam get your Bitcoin losses back

primedice scamGame Protect has info and documents confirming that the Primedice scam and Stake scam operate illegal without valid license and do not enforce applicable AML, KYC and other laws!

We offer to enforce your crypto currency losses on a 50:50 no cure no pay basis. That means you do not have to pay anything from your pocket and will receive 50% of the collected amount.

Get 50% of your crypto currency losses to online casinos back!

If you lost crypto currency worth 10,000 USD or more, please open a Support ticket to join the enforcement proceeding. Submit your Primedice username, screenshots or video of your deposit and withdraw history and the Bitcoin deposit addresses.

The Primedice scam operates illegal and has to give all your losses back! Why? Because illegal gambling operators are not allowed by civil and criminal laws to keep the loot. If you never heard about this before, simply ask any lawyer or even the police if this is true.

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  1. Alan sia

    They scammed me out of a lot of money on different accounts. I hope you get them and get your money back. I wish i could. Best of luck.

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