Frequently asked questions about online gaming consumer protection

What does Game Protect offer?

  • Dispute resolution between you and the operators for your Game Protect qualified gaming accounts
  • Lawyer and civil court proceeding, in case you have a valid claim and we can not reach a resolution
  • Private investigations if operators commit offenses like embezzlement, scam and money laundering

How can I qualify?

1) Simply register your betting or gambling account with any Qualify free operator.

2) If you ignored the option 1) and got scammed, then you still have the following 3 assistance options:

a) Collection proceeding on a 65:35 no cure no pay basis, if the claim is at least around 5,000 Euro

b) Donate 5% of your claim (minimum 100 Euro) in advance

c) Register with any Qualify free operator and accumulate affiliate commission worth 5% of your claim.

Can I sue responsible parties?

Yes, all countries have courts where you can file a complaint against the responsible parties including payment service providers like Neteller or Skrill if they send money to illegal operators or scams! The court will make a public judgement based on the publicly applicable laws and with this judgement you can directly enforce your claim from the debtors.

If the operator commits criminal offenses like embezzlement, scamming or money laundering, you also have the option to file criminal complaints at the police or public prosecutor.

Do you have any question?

Feel free to contact us.

game protect frequently asked questions