Frequently asked questions

How much cost your claim collection service?


We manage the collection of your claim and pay the costs, if you registered your online casino or sportsbook account with Game Protect here

We offer to collect crypto claims for 65:35 contingency fee, if the value is at least 50,000 Euro. But in some cases Game Protect or the lawyer want a retainer.

How long will the collection process take?

That will basically depend on the willingness of the liable parties:

1) If the liable parties are willing to pay the claim after demand letter, then it usually will take some weeks.

2) If we have to start a court case, then it will take around 1 year until the first judgement. But the defending parties have the option to appeal and then it can take another 1 to 1,5 years until the second judgement.

So far, we experienced the below secenarios:

a) Claim was paid after demand letter

b) Claim was paid after first judgement

c) Claim was paid after second judgement and the whole proceeding took 3 years

What is the chance to get my money?

There is no formula to calculate your chance to collect your claim.

So far we won all court cases. So if we have to start a court case, the chance that your claim will be confirmed is near 100%.

However, courts confirming your claim does not necessarily lead to the collection of your claim. If debtors are not willing to pay voluntarily, they are required to testify under oath about the nature, value, and location of all their assets. But if they lie and we can not find their assets, then no money.

Do you have questions?

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