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Promotions: Dice: Very Low 0.5% Variable House Edge, completely anonymous to play and provably fair
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About SafeDice

SafeDice is the most competitive Bitcoin and Monero Dice gambling site with the lowest 0.5% variable house edge.

  • Introducing 0.5% Variable House Edge
    To provide players with a better experience, we invented the variable house edge system. It provides an incredibly low house edge for players most of the time and also a bigger max win when a player wants to bet higher.

    By default, the house edge is of 0.5%, which is lower when compared to other dice sites. When a player wants to make a bigger winning than 0.25% of the bankroll, a higher house edge will be triggered. So far, more than 99% of the bets on SafeDice have a 0.5% edge, so most of the time, a player won’t even notice the system.

  • True Provably Fair
    SafeDice generates a roll from the combination of the server seed, your client seed and number of rolls you have made using the server seed. You will be able to see the hash of the server seed before you set your client seed. There are many implementations of the provably fair system. While most of them allow you to verify that the rolls are based on your client seed, not all of them show the server seed hash before allowing you to set your client seed. This means those sites are able to learn your behaviour and set the server seed so that it is beneficial for them. SafeDice shows the server seed hash before you set your client seed, ensuring you get the fairest rolls.
  • Security Matters
    By enabling 2FA authenticator, your account’s security is taken to the next level. Most of the coins are kept in cold storage which is separated from the server.
  • A Warm Community
    SafeDice believe that building a friendly community is essential for a dice site, that’s why we have a chat room, where we look forward to talking to you!
  • Tor Friendly
    If you are using Tor while accessing Clearnet, you might have to enter captcha verification frequently. In this case, you can access our hidden service at safedice2ge73n2g.onion.


Very Low 0.5% Variable House Edge, giveaways, completely anonymous to play and provably fair


Bitcoin (Instant deposits and withdrawals), Monero

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