Sportsbet scam get your Bitcoin losses back

sportsbet scamGame Protect has info and documents confirming that the Sportsbet scam, Bitcasino scam and Vegascasino scam operate illegal without valid license and do not enforce applicable AML, KYC and other laws!

We offer to enforce your crypto currency losses on a 50:50 no cure no pay basis. That means you do not have to pay anything from your pocket and will receive 50% of the collected amount.

Bitcoin losses to online casinos and sportsbooks back for the past 5 years!

If you lost crypto currency worth 10,000 USD or more, please open a Support ticket to join the enforcement proceeding. Submit your Sportsbet username, screenshots or video of your deposit and withdraw history and the Bitcoin deposit addresses.

Sportsbet scam info

sportsbet scam1) Timothy John Heath is managing director behind the sportsbet scam and money laundering scheme!

He was also manager of the Muchos Poker scam. This online casino accepted deposits while it did not process withdrawals and finally closed owing to players, what you can read on the Poker forum 2+2.

2) The Sportsbet scam false and misleading claims to be authorized and regulated by the Government of Curaçao! But they even do not know

Their claim to operate under the 1668/JAZ license with no control whatsoever has also no legal basis! More worse, the bank accounts of the Sportsbet scam are somewhere outside of Curaçao!

See also: Curacao license scam 1668/JAZ, 365/JAZ, 5536/JAZ and 8048/JAZ

3) The hide the operator Vegascasino scam is also part of the Sportsbet scam and money laundering group!

From blog
Our aim here at Vegas Casino is the bring you the best all-round Bitcoin betting experience possible and Evolution Gaming allows us to do that. Thanks to its high-end live dealer technology and ever-increasing suite of games, Evolution is at the forefront of the iGaming movement and, by joining Vegas Casino, you’ll become a part of this revolution.

The Bitcasino scam artists meanwhile removed it, but Game Protect of course made screenshots.

Sportsbet customer is not able to withdraw 21.5 BTC



    I made a deposit of 15 BTC to and managed to win another 6.5 BTC on top of it for a total of 21.5 BTC. However, when I tried to withdraw I recieved a message that my account was under a temporary security review and to try again in 12 hours. After 12 hours I attempted to withdraw again and was told I must provide KYC documents in order to get my withdrawal! I am bitcoin only player and as you all should know there is no reason for them to request KYC apart from delaying my withdrawal.

    So I sent KYC documents to them and they then told me they were not going to send my withdrawal anyway! they closed my account and quoted a bunch of terms and conditions that did not apply to me in any way.

    You can view the emails and posts I’ve already made below:


    Posts in bitcointalk thread:
    1) ExcessTest: WARNING

    I Just had 21.5 BTC stolen from me by!
    First of all they asked me for KYC which I do not understand because I am a Bitcoin player, and then when I send it they say they are not sending my money anyway a quoted a bunch of terms and conditions that did not apply to me in any way!

    2) ExcessTest: As you can see the sportsbet rep account has been online and ignored my message. They have no reason for why they closed my account, took my 21.5 BTC or asked for KYC so they will not respond. They have also not replied to my emails.

    3) support: Regarding ExcessTest,

    Our Security department has found the username of this player and we were able to check this claim.

    This account has been closed due to fraudulent activity, providing false information and breach of our Terms & Conditions.

    To respect the privacy of the player, we will not disclose the exact details and transactions that are linked to this account.

    The player always has the right to file a complaint at, who will then start an objective investigation to ensure that the player gets a fair trial.


    4) ExcessTest: I give you permission to disclose any details/transactions linked to my account except those which would reveal my personal information such as name, address.

    No, I cannot do that as is not listed on askgamblers.

  • ExcessTest announced on BitcoinTalk to honour those who helped him to get his Bitcoins off. But he escaped quickly from the forum after he has received 15 BTC from the SportsBet scam.

6 Responses
  1. Mike

    This site is a bunch of cheats. Their Casino is so rigged it’s actually quite funny. New people sign up and they let you go up a little. Then the site scams you out of all your money. Worst site I ever played.

  2. Joe


    That was my experience spot on. You start by winning a little and then it’s all downhill. You could feel the cheating as you would lose 8-10 hands in a row. Sorry man. I had the same thing.

    1. Game Protect

      Wait a second, sportsbet has proven that this player has successfully cheaten the system and as a thank you for his cheating they gave him his 15 BTC deposit back?

      Usually, if it is proven that you have cheaten the casino, they confiscate everything! More curious, sportsbet did not deliver any proof that this player has cheaten the system?

      1. Mike is lying

        What internal “proof” is this business required to show you, myself, or anyone else on a public forum?

        Maybe you would like them to disclose all of their security measures as well.

        Or maybe you’re just engaging with me in an attempt to bring traffic to your garbage site.

        Regardless, there is nothing more to be said on this topic.


        1. Game Protect

          Standart civil law says that the one who claims something has to deliver the proof of his claim! If they want to confiscate an account balance in the height of 21,5 BTC, then they have to show the proof to the account holder, but they did not because they have none!

          You appear to live in a cave and are clueless about legal things, but if the account holder opens a court case, then sportsbet has to put the proof of his alleged scam on the table. Without proof no claim, caveman!

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