Primedice + Stake scam get all your losses back for past 5 years!

stake scamPrimedice scam get all your losses back for past 5 years!

Have you ever dreamed about getting all your losses back? We think it is time to let your dream come true and offer this service for the illegal Stake scam for the past 5 years!

We have info and documents confirming that the usage right contract between Medium Rare N.V. and 1668/JAZ license holder has no legal basis!

What does this mean?

The Stake scam operates illegal and has to give all your losses back! Why? Because illegal gambling operators are not allowed by civil and criminal laws to keep the loot. If you never heard about this before, simply ask any lawyer or even the police if this is true.

The Stake scam additionally ignored AML / KYC laws while illegally have taken thousands of Bitcoins!

How can we proceed?

A) File criminal complaints against the liable participants like UBO or managing directors.

B) Start a civil court case against the liable parties behind the Stake scam.

Stake scam proof collection

Please submit your username and screenshots or video of your deposit and withdraw history using Support Ticket. You can also add the Bitcoin deposit transaction numbers. Please only submit total losses of at least 1 BTC.

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