Topbet scam

topbetThe Topbet scam has taken many illegal credit card deposits from an US resident in Massachusetts.

CreditCard account #: 4117704067766898

07-08-2018 $999.- , 03-08-2018 $450.- , 31-07-2018 $69.- , 29-07-2018 $20.- , 28-07-2018 $35.- , 27-07-2018 $200.- , 26-07-2018 $200.- , 25-07-2018 $250.- , 25-07-2018 $200.- , 24-07-2018 $250.- , 22-07-2018 $140.- , 21-07-2018 $250.- , 20-07-2018 $250.- and many more.

The bettor was able to accumulate an account balance of $56.859.- and requested a $2,500.- instant Bitcoin withdrawal. Only $2,500 because this is the maximum amount you can request at once!

Topbet scam support conversation

Victim: I have a pending withdrawal. See above reference #
Please give me reason why it has not been processed yet.

[email protected]: My apologies for this one Glenn, however our provider have not sent an update for your payout. But rest assured you will receive it, once available it will we will send you an email right away. It might be our provider is just gathering some information, because this payout is being process by batches. Once completed it will be sent to you right away. We will check your account from time to time for an update until you receive it.

Thank you for your understanding.

Should you have further inquiries please contact the Topbet scam support team or send us an email.

GP: Very interesting, so the Topbet scam processes instant Bitcoin transfers in batches! 😀

Within 5 weeks Topbet did not process the $2,500 instant Bitcoin withdrawal and victim gave Game Protect the order.

Updated: November 3, 2018 — 17:09

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