Vegascasino scam

vegascasino scamGame Protect has info and documents confirming that the Vegascasino scam, Bitcasino scam and Sportsbet scam operate illegal without valid license and do not enforce applicable AML, KYC and other laws!

We offer to enforce your crypto currency losses on a 50:50 no cure no pay basis. That means you do not have to pay anything from your pocket and will receive 50% of the collected amount.

Bitcoin losses to online casinos and sportsbooks back for the past 5 years!

Please open a Support ticket to join the enforcement proceeding. Submit your Vegascasino username, screenshots or video of your deposit and withdraw history and the Bitcoin deposit addresses.

Vegascasino scam info

1) Timothy John Heath is managing director of the Vegascasino scam and money laundering scheme!

He was also manager of the Muchos Poker scam. This online casino accepted deposits while it did not process withdrawals and finally closed owing to players, what you can read on the Poker forum 2+2.

2) Hide the operator Vegascasino scam is also part of the Bitcasino scam and money laundering group!

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Our aim here at Vegas Casino is the bring you the best all-round Bitcoin betting experience possible and Evolution Gaming allows us to do that. Thanks to its high-end live dealer technology and ever-increasing suite of games, Evolution is at the forefront of the iGaming movement and, by joining Vegas Casino, you’ll become a part of this revolution.

The Bitcasino scam artists meanwhile removed it, but Game Protect of course made screenshots.


3) The Vegascasino scam was caught offering pirated Novomatic games running on unofficial servers! Novomatic does not allow their games to be played on unlicensed casinos using Bitcoin as the in game currency. So as a general rule, if you find their games at unlicensed Bitcoin only casinos like the Vegascasino, you can be sure they are fakes.

More info: busted running pirated Novomatic slots

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