Win Cake Poker + Juicy Stakes

If Win Cake Poker owe you money, please send a complaint to their licensor Curacao eGaming: [email protected]

Please forward their (possible) response to Game Protect. If they do not respond, please forward your complaint from your email account to contact(at)

We need to show that Curacao eGaming ignore complaints about their licensees. Thank you!

Win Cake Poker litigation

If you like to participate in our Win Cake Poker litigation 50:50 offer, please send the following info to contact(at) and use as reference: Win Cake Poker litigation

a) Your full name

b) Win Cake Poker user name

c) Total amount owed

d) Proof of the money owed and pending withdrawal request in form of screenshots or email conversation(s) with support

e) I, (…your full name…) give the order to collect my Win Cake Poker account balance and agree that they will take 50% of any amount I will receive.

Stay tuned for further updates…

TAKE A LOOK what they are doing with our money. I have a deal with Juicy and they are doing anything they want, just to keep MY money in their pockets!!!

Chris: at 9:26:18
I know its a bit complicated and annoying, but these are the rules from the management, you can withdraw 50% of the money you have cleared

Chris: at 9:29:50
Please bear in mind that Juicy gives you the opportunity to win your money back from Win Cake Poker

Just to clarify: Any deal you made with Juicy Stakes in regards to your Win Cake Poker balance are juridical not valid! Win Cake embezzled player deposits = criminal offense and deals based on a criminal offense are juridical not valid!

Win Cake Poker still owe your full balance and this totally independent of whatever deal you made with Juicy Stakes.

See also: Curacao license scam 1668/JAZ, 100 questions from The Hague

B) Win Cake Poker, UK Gambling Commission license

i m in UK, Wincake frozen my account, i still have around $5K on it, they dont want to transfer my funds to other skin and dont want to pay me.
I contacted UKGC and they washed their hands, they say that wincake isnt licensed with them anymore.
Wincake obviously doesnt reply to my mails so what should i do next?

It does not play any role that Win Cake is not licensed anymore by the UKGC. They are still liable for gaming account issues during the time Win Cake was licensed by them.

For all your balance accumulated until they had no license from the UKGC anymore, the UKGC is clearly responsible.

Just for your info, the UKGC gave Win Cake a license at a time when they already owed $100,000s to customers. So something went wrong during the license application process! And this makes the UK Gambling Commission anyway liable!

UK Gambling Commission license application

Debt information

  • Does the Applicant have any debt that has yet to be repaid or debt forgiveness of an amount equal to or above 100,000 USD for the past 5 years?
  • Use the Add Debt button to enter details for each type of debt/debt forgiveness

    “Add Debt”

  • The problem is not that the licensor like UKGC or Curacao eGaming are not liable, the laws are clear!
  • The problem is that they will try to give you the runaround and this will force you to start a time consuming and expensive court case. And this is why we saw the necessity to introduce Game Protect.

We can win, because we demand the enforcement of publicly stated and valid civil and criminal laws!

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