WSEX closed owing over $1 mio., while founder Ware is millionaire

Haden Ware, evaded capture for 15 years as founder of WSEX, one of the most successful illegal offshore casinos during the heyday of online gambling. Ware took out ungodly profits from WSEX, even getting a puff piece in The New York Times bragging with his cunt wife about their multi-million dollar Berlin converted loft home.


The UIGEA and global recession eventually hobbled the entire industry. Companies in far worse position were able to adapt and persevere. WSEX, in all its hubris, decided to bankroll a quixotic WTO lawsuit on behalf of Antigua against the USA. They actually won the case yet received no compensation whatsoever. Rather than bear responsibility for their own missteps, the owners of WSEX pulled up anchor on their yachts and sailed away laughing into the Caribbean night. All customers were stiffed for the money on deposit, amounting well into seven figures just in known reported balances.

Now it’s 2016 and poor Haden Ware wants to come back to the USA and see his mommy. A weak New York federal magistrate named James C. Francis IV has granted a plea deal to a lone charge of conspiracy, promising no more than 12 months in jail—and quite possibly 0 days.

Fucking. Sickening.

If an online gambling operator closed business owing $ millions, many victims think that there is nowhere money left and that the owner(s) live from now on from the wellfare aid. But this example clearly shows us that the exact opposite could be very well the case! And I can inform you, based on my knowledge and experience, that in most cases the offenders have put sufficient money aside.

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